Joe Biden Seems to Hate the White House

President Biden has this innate policy of keeping Americans in the dark about various matters, especially economic issues. However, this time around, there seems to be a ton of evidence to prove the reason for this is because Biden hates the White House. 

At the moment, it wouldn’t seem like a deal-breaker to many Americans that Biden prefers to stay in one of his numerous vacation homes around America, instead of being at the White House.

According to an analysis conducted by Cable News Network, the president has spent 107 days out of 275 days out of office. For a leader whom Americans expect to be responsive to rising economic issues at this point, that’s so much time spent away from work. 

Well, just in case you are wondering where Biden loves to spend the bulk of his time, it is in the pudding at Camp David. Word currently has it Biden’s pudding has an excellent array of expensive dishes.

However, seeing how the president hates to be in public gatherings, many suggestions are making the rounds the reason Biden hates to be in Washington is probably because of a public health issue. Could this be true? 

Biden Flouting His Own Rules?

A few days ago, Biden was seen walking around a crowded restaurant, obviously maskless. For a leader who happens to order COVID-19 regulations nationwide, Biden shouldn’t be one to flout the same rules he sets.

The question that pops in one’s mind is: why has the CDC not cautioned the president? Perhaps, Biden could be enjoying one of the many immunities apportioned to public officers in the face of a pandemic. 

In the video released of President Biden walking without a mask on, he was seen coughing into his bare hands. If anything at all, that is a clear sign Biden doesn’t like himself enough. With this in mind, how then can Biden prove he loves his dearly beloved country, America?


Biden’s Disdain for Americans

The president likes to parade himself as someone who understands how COVID works. Besides, Biden has signaled vaccinated people can still transmit the virus from his numerous speeches on the virus.  

Over the past couple of months, Biden’s been talking about maintaining good hygiene. Americans know one of the ways to lead a healthy life is to maintain excellent hygiene.

Yet, if Biden has been sticking with the same point for so long and still acting against his own words, is it not indicative of something Americans should be worried about?

Everyone knows they should follow the stipulated COVID-19 guidelines in crowded places during this trying time. Suppose Biden, by his own volition, continues to defy the COVID-19 guidelines, even as the president of America? In that case, he doesn’t love the White House, and he certainly doesn’t love Americans.