Joe Biden’s Failure of Leadership Has America on the Brink of Disaster

Joe Biden has taken this nation down a very dark path. Not everything that’s happening right now is his fault, but so much of it relates back to his lack of leadership and mental competence.

We are currently nearing inflation of nine percent with gas prices through the roof and no sign of recovery. However, Biden is at union rallies, screaming about how he’s “changing lives” with government handouts.

Biden is now also planning to visit the Saudi Arabians and beg them for more oil. He insulted Trump for saying we need Saudi Arabia. Now, Biden will be crawling back to them in humiliating disgrace.

He’s also been penning angry letters to oil companies, telling them to bring down the price of oil and blaming them and Russian leader Vladimir Putin for our current crisis.

Really, Joe?

At this point, Joe Biden is not only a hostage of his handlers and globalist puppet masters running his administration. He’s also making America a hostage to sleazy oil merchant extremists and a bloated Russian psychopath.

These people control our economy? We’d better take steps to correct that, then. If it’s not them and it’s really the oil companies, then we’d better find out what’s going on!

Now I remember: Biden cancelled many of their drilling lease permits, banned drilling on federal land, axed the Keystone XL pipeline, and said out loud that he doesn’t care if Americans pay more as long as he can force us to a green energy economy.

So where are those millions of jobs from that “green economy,” Joe? Where are all the magic-free electric vehicles that are somehow just going to pay for themselves?

Biden’s Playbook

Biden’s playbook is extremely reckless and stupid. Here’s how it works…

He starts with an end goal: transitioning us to go all “green,” getting out of Afghanistan, and ending COVID.

Then, he does whatever is necessary to achieve that goal in the shortest time possible without considering any of the consequences. Next, his actions to achieve the goal backfire and he blames those who disagreed with his goals in the first place.

In other words, Biden is a colossal failure who is gaslighting America.

It’s not our fault he stopped oil companies from building refineries and drilling for products. It’s not our fault Biden pulled 98% of our troops from Afghanistan without first checking if the country’s government would withstand the Taliban.

It’s not our fault he shut down our businesses and pushed a dangerous and ineffective vaccine on us, without caring about all the harmful consequences of that.

That’s all his fault and the fault of those who advise him. Biden has hurt America more than enough!

An Angry Old Man

Biden is an angry old man. He belongs in a retirement home next to a rehab clinic for his son, Hunter, so they can play backgammon at lunch.

He does not belong in charge of the United States.