Joe Biden’s White House Invite Turned Down by The Georgia Football Team

Georgia won the title of national champion again, but there won’t be a follow-up White House visit. The Bulldogs announced on Tuesday they would not be attending “College Athlete Day” on June 12 as invited by President Joe Biden.

Delayed Invite and Scheduling

Georgia’s athletic association indicated in a statement that the University of Georgia received an invite for a visit to the White House for the Bulldog football team on June 12. This happened for the first time on May 3.

They added that given the student-athlete schedule and time of year, the proposed date isn’t going to be possible.

Several months ago, Georgia supporters complained that the team was not invited sooner.

As per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, both sides of Georgia’s congressional delegation sent a letter to the White House in January, expressing their desire that this returning championship team will be honored by the president, like so many others.

A White House official stated in February that the White House “looks forward to welcoming” Georgia, but an invitation wasn’t sent until last week.


The Biden White House just resolved an uproar in which first lady Jill Biden proposed inviting the Iowa women’s basketball team member, which finished second to LSU in last month’s national championship.

The first lady stated, after viewing the game, that she is certain the champions will visit the White House, as they always do. She also hopes LSU will attend. However, she would tell Joe that Iowa should also attend because they played so well.

LSU star Angel Reese criticized the concept of the first lady. Reese stated her team would not be invited to the White House if they were to lose.

After initially declining to commit to going to the White House visit, Reese stated she would accompany LSU on May 26 when they are honored.