Joe “Did It” These Midterm Elections, at Least According to Kamala

After the wave of red failed to materialize this time around, Democrats, including Harris and Biden, were overjoyed; though their happiness is bound to be short-lived, seeing as the GOP still managed to take the lead.

Vice President Harris appeared alongside Biden and his wife, Jill, in Washington, DC to celebrate the party’s overall performance. They were thanking the volunteers and supporters for their efforts in the midterm elections.

Vice President Harris celebrates Democrats’ “strong performance” in midterm elections

However, Kamala may have gone overboard when telling Joe that he “did it.” There’s little for the Democrats to actually be celebrating, considering the only thing they avoided was a downright embarrassing defeat for the party.

She went as far as chalking every one of these small victories to the “one and only President Joe Biden,” even though not a single Democrat candidate wanted him at their rallies, in fear that his horrible approval rating would rub off on them.

Moreover, Joe himself tried to honor this sentiment surrounding him by making as few appearances as possible, campaigning alongside only a few candidates that were in dire need of assistance. Even that didn’t work out in his favor.

The one saving grace for Democrats may have been Obama’s appearance in Pennsylvania, where the former president rushed to Biden’s aid at a rally, practically carrying the entire event on his own.

No wave of red, but still a major success for the GOP

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for Harris.

She continued gushing about Biden’s efforts in salvaging the midterms, claiming US democracy “remained intact,” making one final push for Joe’s agenda regarding MAGA supporters and Republicans in general.

Instead of promising to do more when it comes to what the people actually want though, Harris then boasted about all the work she did on the campaign trail in regard to abortion rights. This is an issue the majority of Americans didn’t even feel was in their top three concerns at the moment.

In fact, the majority of the Democratic campaigns were focused on dealing with concerns of minority groups, as opposed to the GOP, which fought to get this country and its economy back on track ever since Bidenflation initially struck.

Nevertheless, the GOP is still on course to regaining control of the House, even with a narrow majority of three seats, according to reports from Decision Desk HQ; whereas Senate is still too narrow of a race to call at the moment.

While Democrats certainly did overperform these midterm elections, throwing aside historical trends, it still wasn’t enough to warrant all this celebratory behavior, especially from Biden and Harris, whose approval ratings remained abysmal.

Democracy won the moment people accepted Republicans are much more capable of leading this country back to the top; no amount of misinformation from the left can cover that up.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.