Joe Manchin Curbs Another Biden-backed Spending Bill

Like many Americans, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin is very concerned about inflation. Inflation today stands at 9.1%, a rate that’s been reached due to the federal government carelessly spending money without thought of the consequences.

In spite of this, Joe Biden and most of his party believe more spending is the answer. They’ve waved aside talk about inflation, working to pass climate and other pork expenditures.

Manchin, meanwhile, has gone against his party once again by saying he’s not going to vote for access spending in this manner.

Instead, the Democratic senator stated that any bill the party wants him to vote for should be limited to policies regarding healthcare and prescription drugs.

According to Newsmax, Biden recently decided it would be best to acquiesce to Manchin in this regard.

Reining in Federal Spending

With Manchin’s tweaking, the president called for Democratic lawmakers to pass a bill that focuses on the following provisions:

  • Reducing the costs of prescription drugs
  • Removing barriers to health insurance acquisition
  • Similar reductions of red ink at the federal level

Previously, Democrats wanted to include these provisions into a greater bill that involved tax increases and climate change initiatives. However, since Manchin made it clear he wouldn’t vote for this, Biden decided a partial bill passing is better than a full bill going nowhere.

This isn’t Manchin’s first time pumping the brakes on spending initiatives supported by Biden. Last year, the West Virginia senator shut down the Build Back Better Act on account of it being too expensive for America to incur amid the nation’s inflation rate.

The rate of inflation has naturally increased since December 2021, further solidifying Manchin’s concerns about federal spending in America.

Outrage From Progressives

Progressive leftists aren’t pleased with Manchin refusing to go along with tax hikes and climate change expenditures.

They’ve been ripping the West Virginia Democrat online, expressing the need to expand the left-wing majority in the Senate so that Manchin loses the power of being a make-or-break vote.

Some progressives also suggested that Biden should have pushed back against Manchin’s resistance, rather than caving and accepting the West Virginia senator’s demands.

Republicans, on the other hand, have expressed relief that Manchin’s standing up to his party and telling them no. Like Manchin, the Republican Party has been repeatedly warning that current levels of inflation are extremely dangerous.

Progressives haven’t shown much alarm about inflation. Even at a 9.1% rate, the progressive left still insists that more unfettered spending is the answer to this nation’s problems.

What do you think about Joe Manchin pumping the breaks on heavy spending from his own party? You’re invited to share your views about this new legislative change with us below in the comments area.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.