John Fetterman’s Wife Takes Over Her Husband’s Election Campaign

Gisele Fetterman, the wife of Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman from Pennsylvania, slammed NBC News for interviewing her husband.

Recently, NBC aired an interview with John Fetterman; the interviewer, Dasha Burns, claimed Fetterman needed closed captioning technology for speech and auditory processing.

Fetterman suffered from a stroke earlier this year, which impacted his listening and speaking capabilities.

Even during the interview, Fetterman was seen struggling with his voice, not to mention he was unable to speak some simple words. However, Fetterman’s wife lashed out at Burns for criticizing her husband.

Fetterman’s Wife Slams NBC Host for Interviewing Her Husband

While appearing in the Independent’s interview, Gisele noted Burns insulted her husband by coming against him so openly.

Likewise, Gisele added even schools discourage this type of behavior when one student goes against the other student so openly.

However, Gisele continued, Burns went against her husband without any fear of accountability, for which she should apologize.

Burns’ interview with Fetterman created so much division on social media outlets that many liberal journalists and political insiders claimed Fetterman is absolutely fine without closed captioning technology.

Burns stood on her stance, maintaining the Senate candidate was unable to speak without the closed captioning technology.

Although Fetterman campaigned for his elections himself in the beginning, Gisele is taking the driving seat of her husband’s campaign as the midterm elections approach.

Gisele Becoming a Pseudo Politician

One political commentator, Kara Voght, wrote an op-ed in Rollingstone, which established how Gisele emerged as a frontline politician amid the disability of her husband before the midterm elections.

Some political insiders, as per Voght, believe Gisele’s approach to taking over her husband’s campaign can eventually backfire, making Fetterman look unfit for the Senate.

Many voters can even perceive Fetterman as not a good choice for the upcoming election, which is urging him to bring his wife for campaigning. In recent times, Gisele has been acting as a media spokesperson for her husband’s campaign.

Recently, when the couple was campaigning, Fetterman offered handshakes and fist bumps to his voters. Gisele took media questions on behalf of her husband while engaging in conversations with voters at the same time.

When Fetterman was attacked by a stroke four days before his primary elections, Gisele emerged as a political candidate who vowed to keep on campaigning for her husband, who faced a near-death experience.

Several voters asked Gisele to request Fetterman to step down as the candidate of the Democrat Party, due to his health issues.

Gisele noted she could not force her husband to withdraw his nomination from the election, adding that Fetterman can easily make decisions by consulting with his doctors.

Gisele also added she has a habit of adapting to everything as she has learned survival skills, which makes her able to survive in any situation.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.