Josh Harris, Republican Washington Council Nominee, Won’t Be Prosecuted For Shooting

Josh Harris is a Republican contender for Pierce County Council.

He was involved in a shooting in which he fired shots at a guy driving a car toward him in Tacoma, Washington. Also, he not be prosecuted on any charges related to the shooting.

According to a report by KING5, the county prosecutor’s department stated a probe demonstrated Harris acted in self-defense.

In relation to what happened, the man who was shot will be prosecuted for assault with a destructive device.

A Rundown of Events

As revealed by the findings of the investigation conducted by the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office, on May 30, Harris was searching a forested area next to a homeless encampment for stolen items.

This is when he discovered two cars that were likely stolen.

It was not obvious why Harris was searching for stolen property or what property, in particular, he was looking for in that region. Neither was it clear why he was searching for the same property.

He said a lady in the tent with him informed him one of the men inside knew who Harris was and had threatened to murder him.

When the police came, they determined that one of the vehicles had been stolen and they started heading towards the forested area.

According to the findings of the inquiry, during that time period, someone driving the stolen car propelled up a route past the cops. Harris fired multiple bullets into the windshield of the vehicle, striking the driver.

According to the findings of the inquiry, the driver came to a halt and then fled in the opposite direction from Harris.


Harris stated the driver looked to be carrying a pistol in his left hand, which was displayed outside the window of the vehicle.

Five people, including two police officers who were wearing body cameras and saw what happened, confirmed what Harris said, backing up him up.

According to the findings of the inquiry, it was appropriate for Harris to fire his weapon because he or anyone in the area was in danger of being struck by the car.

After some time, the driver was found at the campsite. He had been shot, but the wounds were not thought to be life-threatening.

According to a story in The Seattle Times, Harris, who is the owner of a construction firm, is vying for a council seat as a candidate who supports police enforcement.

Additionally, Harris made bail payments of $300,000 for three Tacoma police officers who were accused of the suffocation death of a black man named Manuel Ellis.

As it turns out, this was brought on by the usage of restraints. Additionally, Harris’ brother serves as a chaplain for the Tacoma Police Department.