Kamala Gets Dumped By Two More Staffers in Midst of Frequent Word Salads

Vice President Kamala “Word Salad” Harris is getting abandoned by not one, but two, staffers at the same time.

This is including a recent hire who has been with her for three months and a veteran who has somehow managed to stick it out with Harris for six years.

Veep’s Policy Achievements: Quitting Staffers and Word Salads

Harris’ staffers are abandoning her all the time, in large numbers, and amid her unceasing gaffes and public blunders.

Therefore, Harris hasn’t exactly been making news headlines with strong, meaningful leadership or reasonable, publicly beneficial policy decisions.

She has lost a whopping 13 staffers at various positions in her office, including seasoned, supposedly loyal aides, amid reports that her team’s internal dynamics are plagued by serious issues.

Now, the counter of Harris’ staff losses is registering two more “quit-and-run-for-your-lives” team members.

To make the lingering exodus from the Eisenhower Building in Washington, DC even more damaging to Kamala’s PR standing, the quitters are both a new staffer and a very old one.

Kamala’s ‘Invaluable Source’ For Quitting Decisions

The recently hired vice presidential speechwriter, Meghan Groob, is the first of the two new rats fleeing the Kamala ship, according to a report by Politico, which is based on information from two sources familiar with the matter.

The catch about Groob is that she on jumped on board in April, less than four months ago, but seemingly couldn’t handle the Harris office.

Groob, who was hired by the veep after working as Bill Gates’ speechwriter, has thus caught Kamala’s word salad.

The fresh hire and quitter, however, is going to be only the fourteenth VP staffer to call it quits.

Number fifteen is going to be Rohini Kosoglu, one of the oldest and supposedly closest of Kamala’s helpers, according to a report by The Washington Post.

Kosoglu previously served as Kamala’s staff chief of staff during her time as a US senator from California and during her presidential campaign.

She is presently the domestic policy assistant of Biden’s veep; she spoke directly about her quitting in an attempt to dispel reports about vast issue in Harris’ office.

Kosoglu claimed she is going not because of “staff instability,” but because of her need to spend “time” with her family.

She argued that Harris herself now “understands” that her staffer’s family is “very much looking forward” to her quitting, after sticking in her team for six years.

On her way out, Kosoglu lauded Kamala as an “invaluable source of support and guidance,” as far as the decision to quit is concerned.

Besides the overall exodus of the veep’s staffers, a report by Politico back in May dwelled in particular on many black staffers’ exits from the White House and informed that some of them described that as “Blaxit.”

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.