Kamala Harris Finds a Way to Flub Trip to Japanese Leader’s Funeral

In early July of this year, the former leader of Japan, Shinzo Abe, was brutally murdered by a fanatical gunman.

Guns are heavily restricted in Japan, but the man apparently crafted some kind of homemade weapon. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Abe died soon after.

The Japanese conservative is credited with strengthening Japan’s economy and putting his country first. He also enjoyed a close friendship with former President Trump.

His funeral was recently held in Japan, but Biden rudely decided not to go. Instead, he sent his clown VP Kamala Harris. She managed to make a fool of herself, just as we all worried she would.

Kamala’s Chaotic Press Conference

Kamala Harris managed to act fairly respectfully during the funeral, but her problem came with Australia’s new leader, Anthony Albanese. The two met while she was in Tokyo and she managed to do one of her bizarre, circuitous word salads again.

In fact, if Harris was on drugs, it would be less humiliating for her. Instead, she sounds like some kind of woke corporate robot who manages to speak for a long time saying absolutely nothing.

Speaking to new Aussie PM Albanese, she was basically emphasizing the US and Australia are allies, implying they will stand up together against those who break “international norms,” as in Russia, China, and so on. I think we get it. Maybe say that then?

Instead, Harris went on a weird loopy word salad, peppering in the word “significant” about five times and constantly saying “relates to” and other connecting words that aren’t necessary.

She also kept repeating the term “Indo-Pacific” which points to the US strategic interest in containing China in the region. Yes, Harris clearly took a couple of minutes to memorize the term.

Whereas saying it over and over doesn’t make you smart; it makes you sound like a malfunctioning robot.

Why Does She Do This?

If Harris was just a poor public speaker, it wouldn’t be a big deal. There are three main reasons this matters.

The first is it shows the intense hypocrisy of the left, who constantly attacked and demonized President Trump for making verbal gaffes at times. They claimed he was an idiot, a man-child, and a fool just for occasionally stumbling over words.

Yet, we hear crickets from the media, leftist voters, and politicians about Kamala’s ridiculous and constant empty speeches and nonsense comments.

The second reason is this embarrasses the US and makes the nation look completely incompetent and weak on the international stage. If allies and adversaries think the Biden administration is just a paper tiger, they will continue to provoke and undermine it.

Third, this is important because it shows how empty Harris’ words really are. She doesn’t mean a word of it, nor does she care.

Even worse, she has no actual positive results behind her foreign trips or missions, especially on the southern border. She’s being fed these lines by some woke undergrad who looked at a map for a minute.

That’s scary because the adults should be in charge, not some Ivy League posers feeding words to the VP.

The Bottom Line

How did this woman become VP?

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.