Kanye Spotted Wearing a “White Lives Matter” T-Shirt, Leaving the Left in Shambles

Kanye West, currently known as Ye, is infamous for sending the liberals seething without even breaking a sweat. His latest outfit left the entirety of the “woke” crowd supporting BLM shaken to their core.

Even though it’s widely known that Ye is an avid supporter of Donald Trump’s MAGA movement, he did show a certain amount of opposition to the former president’s agenda. Although he ultimately went back to promoting him to his audiences.

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“Candace Owens” by Gage Skidmore

Kanye shatters the libs’ expectations with the latest “White Lives Matter” look

However, his fashion sense is usually what gets the most attention out of the Democrats, with numerous outfits he’d worn previously being criticized for months on end.

This happened without any response from the rapper, who refused to be canceled, no matter what.

This week’s biggest story about Ye is probably the “White Lives Matter” shirt that he wore to Paris Fashion Week, alongside Candace Owens. She was spotted wearing the identical shirt in a contrasting colorway during the rapper’s promotion of his latest collection.

Naturally, the slogan on the shirt sent the libs crying in outrage on Twitter, with many claiming he was directly supporting “neo-nazi propaganda” with the outfit he wore.

In fact, it seems the Twitter meltdown surpassed the one that happened when Ye visited former President Donald Trump at the White House, where he wore Trump’s iconic “Make America Great Again” red baseball cap.

A “fascist” shirt

As it turns out, the only thing the liberal bunch has an issue with is Ye cares about people of all races, rather than just one; that speaks volumes of how racist their “anti-racism” agenda actually is.

The same thing would’ve happened even if the rapper had worn a shirt with “All Lives Matter.” Although it’s likely he purposely chose to promote this slogan in order to get the “woke” crowd riled up, knowing it would do nothing more than promote his clothing collection.

Claiming that a piece of clothing is “fascist” is a new low from the deranged libs on Twitter. Although they’ve skewed the meaning of the word to the point where they’re claiming anything they disagree with is fascism.

Times have changed, but only for the worse. It’s been a little over 15 years since Kanye was screaming that former President George W. Bush hates black people, with cheer and applause following this controversial statement.

Almost two decades later though, embracing a political figure the left wasn’t in support of had them claiming his mental illness is to blame, almost as if the rapper isn’t allowed to have an opinion on politics.

Thankfully, Ye is rich enough and creative enough to never be affected by whatever amount of hate the left throws at him. While he’s certainly distanced himself from the Trump company, he still continues to promote traditional American values through his work.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.