Kanye West Unleashes New Attacks Against the Jewish Community

Earlier this month, Kanye West took criticism after tweeting out about how he’d go “Death Con 3” on people who are Jewish. The correct version of this is “DEFCON3.” Though nevertheless, many people were alarmed by this.

Lots of folks took to social media to write off West’s remarks as flagrantly anti-Semitic. Since the rapper put out this message directed towards Jewish folks, Instagram and Twitter have both put restrictions on his accounts.

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Meanwhile, JP Morgan Chase recently announced that it will no longer be banking with West’s Yeezy company.

Despite all of this, West recently sat down for an interview where he unleashed even more anti-Semitic rhetoric, as documented by Breitbart News.

A Closer Look at West’s Latest Comments

While appearing on the Drinks Champs podcast, West said he’s “lit” and the “Jewish media” is intentionally freezing him out. West also sounded off against JP Morgan Chase refusing to keep providing him banking services after his prior anti-Semitic remarks.

Later, the interview continued with the rapper speaking about reports that his ex-wife Kim Kardashian slept with her now-ex boyfriend Pete Davidson in front of a fireplace.

According to West, Kardashian is “a Christian” and “Jewish Zionists” are the ones who are into what the report described.

It wasn’t long before the rapper also claimed the “black voice” is “owned” by Jewish individuals. West, by his own admission, believes Disney, record labels, basketball teams, and managers are each evidence of so-called Jewish control of the “black voice.”

Finally, the rapper repeated the anti-Semitic allegation that it’s impossible for him to be anti-Semitic because black individuals are “Jewish also.”

Another Manic Episode?

In the wake of West’s latest rhetoric, there are online debates about whether or not he’s having a manic episode. In previous years, West has been open about his struggle with bipolar disorder.

Nevertheless, there’s also a growing consensus that West’s statements can’t be blamed on mental health alone. After all, there are many individuals who live with bipolar disorder, yet don’t threaten “Death Con 3” on Jewish people or otherwise unleash anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Some people claimed that JP Morgan Chase’s decision to end its business with West is a form of cancel culture. Though others believe the bank is within its rights to no longer provide service to West if it doesn’t want to.

At the rate things are going, it’s only a matter of time before West unleashes even more anti-Semitic statements on one platform or the other.

What do you make of Kanye West’s latest statements about the Jewish community? Do you believe he’ll be releasing more comments along these lines in the future? In the comments area down below, you’re welcome to sound off with your viewpoints.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.