Key Primary Battles Coming Up

The midterms are coming up in November, but before that happens, a number of key primaries are still set to take place.

These primary battles will do a lot to determine what candidates and values are on the table for the midterms. Who will be running in key districts for the Republicans and Democrats in key races?

Here is a look at the most crucial seven primary battles ahead of the midterms…

A Look at the Top Races

One important race will be in South Carolina’s First District. Nancy Mace will go up against former military policewoman Katie Arrington.

The outcome of this duel will be an important thermometer reading to show how much support there still is for the America First movement and Trump’s claims of 2020 election fraud.

Arrington has been endorsed by Trump, whereas Mace is more of a mainstream GOP candidate of the establishment variety.

Next up, you have the Colorado GOP Senate primary with businessman Joe O’Dea running against Colorado state Rep. Ron Hanks. O’Dea describes himself as an “outsider” who will stand up for ordinary Americans, but his opponent Hanks is hardline MAGA.

Hanks fully stands behind Trump and seeks to end all legal abortion, in addition to a number of other conservative positions. The vote for Colorado’s Senate seat takes place on June 28.

Down in Mississippi

Next up, you have Mississippi’s 3rd Congressional District, which will have its second round of voting after Michael Guest failed to get the necessary number of votes to win.

The runoff election has Guest up against Michael Cassidy.

Cassidy outscored Guest by 0.5% in the first round. He has a chance to put down Guest’s success. Guest was particularly hurt by a self-inflicted injury in voting in favor of the fraudulent January 6 committee and angering Trump’s base.

Meanwhile, in Arizona’s GOP Senate primary, we have businessman Jim Lamon on one side; on the other, we have Peter Thiel’s protege and America First conservative Blake Masters.

Masters has been endorsed by Trump and is on a roll of momentum and flush with cash, but it remains to be seen if he can win and get to the Senate.

More Crucial Races

More crucial races will also be taking place in Missouri.

Former Governor Eric Greitens has some GOP members afraid he could drop the ball, particularly after him being found “credibly” accused of sexually assaulting his hairdresser and mistress several years ago.

If Greitens wins regardless, he could become a sinkhole for GOP money and tie the party to some unfortunate defenses of his indefensible past behavior.

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, you have Senator Ron Johnson up against some serious competition, including leading Milwaukee Bucks official Alex Lasry and State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski.

Then, of course, there’s Wyoming. Its August 16 primary will see whether Liz Cheney goes down to pro-Trump attorney Harriet Hageman.