LAPD Denied 800 ICE Requests to Remove Criminal Immigrants in 2022

The Los Angeles Police Department renewed its commitment to obstructing the U.S. ICE’s efforts to detain and remove criminal noncitizens, rather than seizing every available measure to facilitate its operations.


The Los Angeles Daily News disclosed informtion about a new report.

According to the yearly “Immigration Enforcement, Task Force Reporting Requirement and Department Operations” report, police got 783 detainer petitions from ICE in the previous year.

The LAPD refused to recognize any of them.

KTTV-TV revealed the report made it plain that the LAPD tries to adhere to the Office of the Chief of Police’s public guidelines, emphasizing the LAPD’s dedication to the California Values Act.

The California Values Act, signed into law in 2017 by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, blocked local and state law enforcement agencies, including school security personnel departments, from helping immigration enforcement in any way.

In addition to prohibiting law enforcement from assisting federal agencies in enforcing American law, the act made public schools, public libraries, state-run health facilities, and courthouses secure havens for illegal aliens.

Doubling Down

KTTV reported the city does not cooperate with immigration authorities.

Those suspected of committing a crime are scanned through a decentralized computerized booking system and entered into the National Criminal Activity Information Center, accessible to local, state, and federal law enforcement.

Thus, immigration officials may know which predatory foreign nationals live in the Democratic city, even if they cannot do much about it.

Even though California is already a so-called haven with a projection of 3.2 million illegal immigrants, CBS News disclosed that the Los Angeles City Council cast votes last month to designate L.A. as a sanctuary city.

It then gave the city attorney 60 days to draft an ordinance prohibiting “any city resources, property, or workforce from being used for any the federal government immigration enforcement.”

While illegal noncitizens are made to feel welcome, more LAPD officers seem eager to flee the city. The force has lost nearly 1,000 officers since 2019 and is projected to lose an additional 500 by the end of 2023.