Leading Democrat Demands Social Media Be Censored To Stop Financial Collapse

The recent collapse and bailout of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has the country very nervous. The bank is going to be bailed out by the federal government so depositors don’t lose their savings.

Whereas many are still nervous. Now, Democratic insiders are asking if there’s a way to censor what’s happening on social media to stop the public from panicking.

Could the Bailout Lead to a Bank Run?

The government’s bailout of SBC depositors will save many big-name people, including leading leftists Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The left-wing bank is popping the balloon on the fake financial confidence that the Biden regime has been trying to promote. As a result, many other banks are also worried about collapsing and experiencing issues, such as Signature Bank.

Bank Run 101

A bank run is when everybody tries to withdraw money around the same time window. It can lead to a collapse of the entire financial system, as banks quickly sell off assets to get the cash their clients want and end up going broke.

Leading Democrats, such as Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona, are now asking how a bank run can be prevented and looking into censoring social media to stop information from getting out about what’s going on.

If too many people talk and worry online about a bank run, it could lead to one, Kelly believes. People like him want to make sure that folks stay calm and don’t rush the banks.

The alternative, they believe, could be a repeat of the 1929 crash that preceded the Great Depression.

Kelly Expresses Concern

During a meeting about bailing out SVB, Kelly asked if there’s a way to stop online “misinformation” to stop panic and a bank run. SVB closed last Friday and was taken over by the FDIC.

The government will be bailing out depositors; although a large number of investors and others will be feeling the pain.

Kelly said he didn’t say anything about censoring social media and he just wants to make sure “disinformation” from enemies like Russia and China can’t be used to harm the economy and cause panic.

The Bottom Line

This is the biggest bank collapse since 2008. It’s definitely advisable not to panic and people should not knowingly spread lies or hype that could further cause instability in the financial system.

Nonetheless, the idea that the government will now decide what is misinformation about a breaking news event is very suspect. These kinds of problems deserve to be openly discussed and must be transparently examined, including calling out lies or exaggerations.

SVB’s collapse is real. While it’s not the end of the world, it is a big deal and people deserve to hear the latest information and facts about what is going on and how it could affect them.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.