Left in Full Abortion Rage, Burning Flags, Cursing at America

(Fox News video footage snapshot shows the American flag being burned in the streets of Washington, DC)

The entire spectrum of the left in America is exploding with rabid anti-American rage, including the burning of American flags in the nation’s capital and publicly cursing at the United States.

This follows Friday, when the US Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, erasing abortion as a “constitutional right.”

They Truly Hate America

The new ruling was made with the votes of six conservative SCOTUS justices in favor, while the three liberal justices voted against it.

Rabid protest rallies – whether spontaneous or carefully planned by leftist extremists – have broken out all across the nation. What they lack in numbers, they seem to be making up in aggressiveness.

One of the nastiest incidents occurred on Friday night in Washington, DC; far-left communist hordes set the American flag on fire, Fox News reported.

Next to the burning American flag, there was a sign, reading “F*** MPD” and another sign, to that end, enumerating the names of the six conservative SCOTUS justices – Roberts, Thomas, Kavanaugh, Alito, Gorsuch, and Coney Barrett.

With riot police carefully monitoring the movements of abortion jihadists, a Department of Homeland Security spokesman told Fox all law enforcement agencies are seeking to guarantee the safety of America.

He added freedom of speech and peaceful protest rights stemming from the American Constitution don’t “extend to violence” and illegal actions.

(BBC video footage snapshot shows Bridgers cursing at America while on concert in Britain)

‘Free Abortion on Demand’

An American female singer went on a particularly nasty, anti-American rant, and she did it while giving a concert abroad.

Phoebe Bridgers, an overt far-left Indie singer was singing at a festival in Glastonbury in the UK on Friday night. She spewed out anti-American slurs and curses; her audience cheered with her.

She told the audience, due to the Supreme Court ruling, she was “having the s*****est day.” She organized them to shout, “F*** the Supreme Court!” – after which she herself shouted, loud and clear, “F*** America!”

That wasn’t enough for the 27-year-old singer, who in May revealed in a nauseating social media tirade that last year, she had an abortion while on tour.

Back then, she praised abortion as being something “easy” that “everyone deserves” to have access to.

On stage Friday night, however, Bridgers showed more of her true colors. She attacked the conservative Supreme Court justices by calling them “irrelevant, old motherf*****s.”

Another spot with morally sickening outbursts by rampaging abortionists was St. Louis, Missouri. A rally spearheaded by Marxist-Communist “Squad” Democrat Cori Bush lambasted the Supreme Court for being “unelected.”

Bush, who is known for her lavish security expenses footed by the American taxpayers, saw her supporters chant in favor of “free abortion on demand.”

She was followed by female speakers who bewilderingly claimed “abortions are acts of love.”

One of the speakers insisted abortion must be unconditionally allowed, regardless of caveats, while another said having an abortion was her “best decision.”