Legislators Fear Russia Invasion Will Exacerbate China’s Hostility Against Taiwan

Worries are mounting that a Russian foray into Ukraine will exacerbate China’s threat to invade Taiwan. China’s foreign ministry declared Wednesday, “Taiwan is not Ukraine,” asserting it has “always been an inherent part of China.” 

The US believes China is “trying to play both sides” with its posturing, stressing the two countries’ alliance should not be overlooked.

“The possibility of the Chinese and Russians cooperating more closely to oppose liberal democracy is really something we should all be worried about,” said Rep. Dean Phillips, a Democrat from Minnesota and a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. 

The World Is Watching

Of course, China will be watching how the world reacts to what’s happening in Ukraine, because China, without a doubt, has the same sights on Taiwan. 

Micheal McCaul, a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said China’s invasion of Taiwan is “just a matter of time,” stressing at least nine Chinese fighter planes have already been spotted entering the self-governed island’s airspace.

Darrell Issa, a Republican from California, stated he believes an intervention in Taiwan is almost imminent, and proactive measures should be implemented.

After meeting with military leaders, McCaul stated he believes the US should assist Taiwan in acquiring the resources needed to prepare for an assault.

Rep. Ann Wagner of Missouri, the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s second-ranking Republican, said the US’ connection with Taiwan is distinct from Ukraine.

The US has not provided tools to the island, but she believes the US is not sending a powerful enough signal to other adversaries to deter the Chinese Communist Party from acting aggressively. 

Preventive and Punitive Measures

Phillips acknowledged preventing China from acting similarly to Russia presents obstacles, noting the US and its partners must present a united front in retaliating against antagonistic acts.

Claudia Tenney, a Republican from New York, expressed concern the Kremlin’s actions could set a precedent that extends beyond Taiwan. The New York Republican then added the US needs to bolster its strategy to avert similar occurrences.

“I’ve had some confidential contacts with other officials from other countries. Diplomats in Eastern Europe are extremely concerned about the precedent this move by Putin could set.”

“It could cause China to move even more aggressively into Taiwan, to provide some form of external assistance, support to Russia’s actions, and to use Russia as a bargaining chip to continue their malign intervention,” she said.

On Wednesday, Russia intensified its attacks on Ukraine, with Ukrainian officials claiming the country carried out strikes targeting the country’s military facilities.

The decision has been criticized by Western leaders, and the US has recently taken more steps to deal with Russian aggression. Meanwhile, Russia is still on the move as Ukraine fights back.