Liberal Media Networks Lashed Out at Democratic Senate Candidate

Liberal media outlets are slamming Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman of Pennsylvania over his poor health, which can hinder his ability to serve as a senator. 

While Fetterman suffered a stroke in May, his doctor revealed in June that he is also struggling with heart disease.

Media Slammed Democratic Senate Candidate

The Washington Post editorial board wrote that Fetterman is requesting voters to give him a six-year Senate contract, even though he is not explaining whether he is fit enough for a lawmaking job.

Furthermore, the editorial board noted WaPo previously asked lawmakers in both parties to release their medical records; so, Fetterman should also disclose his health records for an independent review.

Prior to the WaPo, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette also claimed Fetterman should show if he is even capable of being a senator, as he is unable to participate in the give-and-take debate at the moment.

Similarly, the New York Times mentioned Fetterman claimed his campaign was not hiding any medical records. However, NY Times continued, the doctors of Fetterman are unavailable for any interview and all the efforts to reach them are of no use.

Dr. Ramesh Chandra, who signed a letter regarding Fetterman’s heart health, stated he could not legally disclose any information about his patient without the patient’s approval, the NY Times added.

So, media outlets believe Fetterman’s campaign will deny updating people about his health, even if he wins the Senate elections this November.

Political insiders argued being a senator is not an easy job since lawmakers have to face massive problems, not to mention they are also supposed to interact with the media for information sharing.

Likewise, senators are also required to conduct committee hearings, while serving their constituents at the same time. So, a disease like a stroke can make a person medically unfit for such a challenging job.

Fetterman Struggling to Make Sense in His Speeches

As the Republican challenger of Fetterman, Dr. Mehmet Oz is making an impressive comeback in pre-election polls; it seems his strategy to campaign on Fetterman’s health is working.

In his recent interview, Fetterman claimed he is already living a normal life, which is helping him in running a perfect political campaign.

However, Fetterman recently refused Dr. Oz’s request for a public debate in Pennsylvania, citing his poor health, ahead of the midterm elections.

So, the NY Times slammed the Democratic candidate for being reluctant to take any questions from the media after his press briefings, which was not the case before his stroke.

“The New York Times” by Joe Shlabotnik is licensed under CC BY 2.0

In addition to that, Fetterman is heavily dependent on closed captioning technologies to conduct video conversations; still, he is jumbling up the words, the liberal media outlet reported.

Even in some in-person meetings, Fetterman often asks his staff members to repeat a question since he is facing auditory trouble.

Though still, almost 59% of registered voters in Pennsylvania believe Fetterman is healthy enough to be a senator, per a YouGov survey.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.