Liberal Media Receives Shocking News

It’s no secret that trust in the mainstream media is at all-time lows. Though the true level of low trust in the media has now been exposed in a recent Gallup poll.

It shows Americans, especially conservatives and Independents, are sick and tired of media bias. They no longer trust the “official” voices coming out of their televisions, radios, and smartphones.

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They want better information and more balanced analysis; they do not believe the media is giving that to them.

Poll Shows Liberal Media is Busted

Overall, only 34% of US citizens say they “fully” trust the news to tell them the truth about what is going on at home and around the world. This is the second-lowest number ever recorded by Gallup polling.

The previous low of 32% came during the 2016 election run when trust was at its lowest level ever.

The amount of Americans who actually have a “high” amount of trust in the media is even lower, at 7%, while 28% say they don’t have “much” trust, and 28% don’t trust the mainstream media in any way.

The poll was done at the beginning of September several months ago and also reported very low trust in the federal government as a whole.

It’s clear the confidence Americans have in formerly trusted institutions, including the presidency, Supreme Court, Congress, and media, is lower than it’s ever been.

Can you really blame the American people for this? Why would they trust institutions and companies that have repeatedly and brazenly lied to their faces?

Republicans Distrust Mainstream Media Most of All

The numbers show a very big partisan differential here as well. In fact, only 14% of Republicans polled trust the mainstream media and 27% of Independents trust it.

In contrast, a whopping 70% of Democrats trust the media to tell them the truth in most cases. This explains so much about the political polarization going on in America right now.

When you have a large group of voters who more or less believe a completely different version of reality from another group, you are going to inevitably end up with a massive disconnect going on.

The truth is the information bubble and echo chamber are massive on both sides: the difference is just the left has so much more literal disinformation bombarding them at all hours through official channels.

Let’s Face It…

Let’s face it: the mainstream media is rarely trustworthy.

You never know what narrative they are spinning; all too often, they seem to have the interests of large corporations or ideologies ahead of the American people.

Take the Russia hoax against President Trump or their two years of shilling and lying for Big Pharma. Yet, we’re supposed to trust these folks? I don’t think so.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.