Libs Fight Against “Right-wing Bias” on Social Media

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There’s one thing that’s currently prevalent in mainstream social media.

That’s the unnecessary censorship of anything that ever so slightly leans towards the right side of the political spectrum, but one LGBT organization begs to differ.

Namely, the group known as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is concerned for the safety of their community’s members online. They released a detailed report outlining exactly how to fix this non-issue.

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Twitter doesn’t count as social media anymore?

The platforms they’re focusing on are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter.

This is especially odd, considering the fact the latter two are infamous for having a strong left-wing bias and outright banning anyone who dares speak the real truth.

Apparently, the entirety of the world’s LGBTQ population is under attack right now. Although if you looked very hard, you’d still have a hard time finding any conclusive evidence this statement is even remotely true.

The group added that ever since the start of 2022, 325 anti-LGBT bills were passed, of which 130 specifically target transgender youth and adults.

This isn’t even that hard to fathom at a time when mind-and-body-altering drugs are administered to any willing child that’s convinced they’re something they’re not.

They also claim the right is targeting the LGBT group as part of some elaborate political strategy.

However, they fail to notice it’s exactly what the left has been doing all along. This is starting with the BLM movement all the way to their recent support for procedures that qualify as child abuse in every meaning of the word.

LGBTQ in danger of facing the facts

According to GLAAD, the right’s narrative is currently dehumanizing the LGBT population in the US and worldwide, ultimately driving forth hatred and violence against their community.

This is just categorically false.

The LGBT community has never been in a better position than they are in now.

With the current administration’s absurd amount of dedication to liberal policies, things are only looking up for them, especially on social media platforms.

However, this doesn’t stop GLAAD’s CEO and President Sarah Kate Ellis from spreading misinformation regarding the community’s standing.

She believes that LGBTQ safety and lives are threatened by social media companies’ bias.

The report itself identifies an avalanche of issues, starting with inadequate content moderation to a lack of transparency.

This, if we look at the currently popular platforms, only applies to conservative content, which has been getting the short end of the stick for a while now.

It’s important to note this is the same LGBT community that deemed Ben Shapiro’s words a threat to safety, despite him confronting people attending the speech with nothing but facts.

It’s clear that no real bias exists against the LGBT community on any form of social media.

Jordan Peterson’s Twitter ban is one of the main indicators of that, considering he was removed from the platform for using Elliot Page’s “deadname,” rather than her current one.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.