Lightfoot Weeps After Court Rules Chicago Can’t Force Vaccines on Cops

On Monday, a Cook County judge told Chicago lawmakers they could not order law enforcement officers to be inoculated by the end of the year. He said you can’t “reverse a vaccine” and “genuine arbitration” must begin.

In a lawsuit contesting the city’s vaccine mandate, Judge Raymond Mitchell instructed the Chicago Police Union’s labor groups and municipal leaders to continue negotiating an agreement on COVID standards and restrictions.

He also spoke against the December 31 vaccination timeline for cops. Per the Chicago Sun-Times, there are two opposing public objectives, but one interest does not need to be abandoned in favor of another.

Mitchell said it’s not okay for the city to force cops to record their vaccination standing and submit to COVID testing; imposing the vaccine before a further review is a no-go.

No Take Backs!!

“The reporting requirement itself is a minor intrusion,” the judge said, especially given law enforcement officers are already required to reveal medical information to the state.

“‘Comply now, regret later’ is not an option,” Mitchell stated emphatically. “If each member of the union cooperated and was vaccinated by December 31, they would have no complaint to file and no solution an arbitrator could award. A settlement payment or reinstatement reward cannot reverse a vaccination. Nothing else can.”

The judge went on to say his primary intent is to write the smallest feasible order to safeguard the unions’ access to meaningful arbitration. The remainder of the city’s immunization policy, including reporting and testing requirements, remains fully in force.

Lightfoot Wails

Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot vehemently downplayed the ruling, emphasizing the “mandate” remains and she is focused on “saving people’s lives.”

The mayor then charged her opponents with telling “half-truths” and enabling people to “die” because they dispute the mandatory vaccination policy.

“How many more people must perish until you get to the table?” asked Lightfoot. “If you’re sincere about it, communicate face-to-face every day, beginning today, and let’s make a deal.”

Lightfoot claims she doesn’t want people to die in “her” community when a life-saving, free, and safe vaccination is easily accessible. One might wonder if she’s trying to use big words to win arguments without laying down facts.

“If you look at what’s going on in court cases all over the country — whether it’s firefighters, police officers, or others who are contesting these requirements — I’m not aware of a single occasion in which a mandate put in place has been rejected,” Lightfoot added.

“A quiet, vast number of people in the city government appreciate the importance of vaccines and, to be honest, don’t want to work alongside somebody unsure of their immunization status.”

After Lightfoot got booed off stage at a vaccine mandate conference, she should take a step back, stop complaining, and let the judicial authorities handle it.