LISTEN: Paul Pelosi Attacker’s Bizarre New Phone Call To Local Radio Station

In October of last year, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, was allegedly attacked by a crazed man with a hammer. The incident occurred at their San Francisco home while Nancy was away working in DC.

With bodycam footage now showing the attack and surveillance footage showing the suspect entering the home, questions still remain about what his motives were and whether he had any prior link to Paul.

The suspect is a far-left conspiracy theorist by the name of David DePape, who recently somehow managed to make a call from jail to a local radio station in California.

DePape Delivers ‘Message for America’

DePape has been held in San Francisco County Jail since the end of October of last year awaiting trial. He faces extremely serious charges that could land him behind bars for up to 50 years.

Yet, somehow, he allegedly made a phone call to the KTVU news station this Friday, saying he had a “message for America.”

It’s unclear why anybody would do this or make their own case even worse, but at the very least, one would think such an opportunity would be used to mount a defense, claim to be innocent, or state other exculpatory facts.

Not so for DePape. As you can hear in the audio below, he called the station to say he wish he had attacked more establishment politicians and told America “you’re welcome” for what he did.

His call then became even more bizarre and veered into even stranger territory.

What Else Did DePape Say?

In further portions of the call, DePape said he wanted to get a fair defense and not hurt his own case, but America was having its “liberty” destroyed intentionally by various political and other figures.

For that reason, DePape claims, he got the “names and addresses” of the people who are trying to destroy liberty and have a “chat” with them about their treason.

He said the only thing he’s sorry for is he didn’t “get more” of the people who he blames for destroying liberty; he goes into more detail about who he believes is destroying America on his website.

The website has been taken down by police. DePape said he’s trying to put a new one that gets around the censorship of the “fascists” running America.

The Bottom Line

The most important thing is why this call was even allowed to be made. It is highly suspicious and strange that DePape was permitted to call a radio station from his cell.

The second big question is why he sounded like he was reading off a script and being coached on what to say. The third big issue here is how strange the bodycam footage looks. What do you think?

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.