Liz Cheney Remains Confident in Winning Re-election

Campaigns for the 2022 midterm races have unofficially begun. Across the nation, Republicans are working on the proper strategies and messaging in order to take back the House and Senate from Democrats.

This is not such a tall order, seeing as Democrats lead both chambers by very small margins. Multiple GOP congressional groups have already put out ads targeting Democrat candidates on Biden’s failed record, inflation, and other crises impacting the nation under leftist leadership.

One of the candidates up for re-election is Republican Rep. Liz Cheney from Wyoming. Despite Cheney’s battles with former President Trump and his supporters, Cheney remains confident that she’ll win re-election, as Breitbart News documents.

Cheney on Her Re-election Campaign

While speaking with CBS News, Cheney explained her belief that Wyoming will ultimately re-elect her to continue serving in the House of Representatives. According to Cheney, her congressional race will be most critical in 2022.

The Wyoming Republican furthermore declared that her campaign is about putting the Constitution before loyalty to one individual. Cheney then professed that voting for her opponent, lawyer Harriet Hageman, (who former President Trump endorsed) is tantamount to putting loyalty to Trump above loyalty to the Constitution.

Finally, Cheney declared that Hageman is an individual willing to espouse the “big lie” regarding the 2020 presidential election. Cheney has repeatedly stated that no fraud happened in the latest presidential race; likewise, the Wyoming Republican was one of ten House GOP members to vote for Trump’s impeachment after January 6.

This caused massive blowback against Cheney from both Trump and his staunchest supporters in the Republican Party. However, in spite of this, Cheney is not without her allies. Former Republican President George W. Bush is campaigning for Cheney and endorsed her re-election.

Not Backing Down

Despite massive backlash from the populist and pro-Trump factions of the Republican Party, Cheney is not backing down in the slightest. When the former president zinged Cheney over her “sound bites,” Cheney responded, daring Trump to “bring it.”

The Wyoming congresswoman has clearly articulated her view that Trump is a danger to democracy. Likewise, Cheney stands by her belief that loyalty to the United States Constitution must always supersede loyalty to any one individual.

Moreover, Cheney remains critical of Republicans who she sees as spreading the “big lie” regarding events that took place during the 2020 presidential election. The conflict between Cheney vs. Trump also highlights the presence of the populist movement within the Republican Party.

Time will ultimately determine what comes next for Cheney as she campaigns for another term as a member of the House of Representatives. In other segments of her CBS News interview, Cheney discussed a series of additional matters regarding her present campaign for another term in Congress.