The Long-term US Intel Focus is China

The US intelligence’s long-term goal is the Chinese Communist Party.

Haines told Congress on Tuesday that Russia’s attack on Ukraine is now the top national security issue for the US and the world. This comes after the release of the annual threat evaluation report on Monday.

China Still a Bigger Threat

As a way to influence global standards, Chinese neighbors are being pressured, says a report from the Office of the Chief of National Intelligence that came out late on Monday.

The study stated Beijing targets important industries and proprietary commercial and military technologies from American and partner enterprises.

The assessment was made using information accessible as of Jan. 21, meaning it was made before Russian President Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine.

Despite the Russia-Ukraine crisis, Haines told the Senate Intelligence Committee that US intelligence services’ major focus remained on China.

Haines, who oversees all 18 US intelligence organizations and components, said the CCP is still a priority.


The Chinese Communist Party will work hard to realize President Xi Jinping’s aim of making China a great force in East Asia and beyond.

The intelligence assessment concluded, “It will seek to undermine US influence, build divisions between Washington and its allies, and promote authoritarian standards.” 

Beijing sees more competitive US-China ties as part of a wider US strategy to halt China’s growth and destabilize CCP rule.

China’s Tech and Military

To consolidate CCP leadership, safeguard what it sees as its sovereign territory and regional ascendancy, and pursue global influence, Beijing is boosting its military capabilities.

The intelligence community said aging demographics, high corporate debt, economic disparity, and rising opposition to China’s heavy-handed methods in Taiwan and other countries were contributing factors.

Last month, FBI Director Christopher Wray stated the CCP’s national and economic danger is escalating. 

The ODNI study also expressed concern about China’s military strength.

“We estimate China provides the largest, most aggressive, and persistent cyberattack challenge to U.S. government and commercial sector networks,” the report stated Tuesday.

The study also addressed the coronavirus epidemic. China will keep distributing COVID-19 falsehoods and blaming the West for its early mistakes. 

One U.S. intelligence agency thinks COVID-19 came from a Chinese government facility in Wuhan. Four other U.S. intelligence services and the National Intelligence Committee think it came from nature.

It occurred after the Justice Department halted the Trump-era China Project in February. The DOJ launched a domestic terrorism team in January and a Russian oligarch working group in March.

The ODNI dossier also targeted Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

The report said the Kremlin is “retaliating against Washington in any way it can, both at home and abroad.”

In addition, North Korea would grow its WMD weapons while being a destabilizing force in regional and global arenas, the paper claimed.