Luke Rosiak Attacks Trans Organizations Involved In Planned “Trans Day of Vengeance”

Several groups and organizations were working on or planning the “Trans Day of Vengeance” event.

Transactivists have been quite outspoken against violence and even raised funds for gun training. Regrettably, they do so because they assert that the right, Christians, etc., are pushing for a form of trans-genocide.

In other words, they are actively poisoning the public’s minds with frightening speech. Many are asking if this discourse played any role in the tragedy at Covenant Christian School in Nashville.

A person who is already mentally ill is quickly pushed to their breaking point.

Gun Training

Luke Rosiak compiled a thread about this movement, its motivations, and their attempts to make it a reality. It is almost as though these trans-organizations are inciting violence.

According to The Daily Wire, a group of transgender activists is preparing a “Day of Vengeance” for March 31 to April 2 in Washington, D.C., while gathering funds this week for gun training, according to its web materials.

The Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN) tweeted the moment has come and enough is enough. Also, they published posters on TikTok, stating they desire more than publicity on the Day of Vengeance for Transgender Individuals.

The self-proclaimed Virginia chapter of the organization said on Twitter that it would organize a dance party in a Richmond bar on Tuesday to raise funds for firearm/self-defense training for trans-Virginians.

Disabled Accounts

The Trans Radical Activist Network disabled access to its Twitter account.

Note that this Twitter account ended up blocking the editor after people contacted them about this message, then locked down and appeared to have erased several tweets.

They apparently don’t want to fight back against the allegedly terrible right-wingers and Christians campaigning for trans-genocide.

Or perhaps they know filling the minds of mentally ill individuals with warnings of genocide will lead to actual violence and death and they just do not want to take responsibility for their actions.

We hope they no longer intend to organize this event, but we are not dealing with the most considerate individuals here.