Man Who Shot Pro-Life Activist Claims It Was an Accident

According to a media statement from Right to Life Michigan, the woman was “shot in her back/shoulder while vacating property amid a fierce debate.”

“The individual who shot her wasn’t a participant in the conversation,” according to a report released on Monday by Breitbart News. According to reports, the shooting happened on Tuesday.

Pro-Life Activist Shot

The shooter’s name and motivation are unknown to the victim. The announcement stated the victim, who is currently healing, prefers to maintain her anonymity while the criminal investigation is ongoing.

The Michigan State Police is conducting an inquiry into the event. They will document their results to the prosecutor’s post in Ionia County. No additional information is available at the moment.

According to Michigan State Police, just before the argument got heated and a gun was fired, the woman had been handing out flyers. She was hit in the shoulder, according to the police; after undergoing care, she was discharged. Her lawsuit is still pending.

A man said on Tuesday in an interview with WoodTV, ” I heard her being told a few times that she was trespassing and should leave the residence.”

Sharon Harvey recalled, “This woman approaches me, bangs on my door, and claims to be from some group to save women and babies. She needs me to reject Proposal 3.”

Sharon says when she informed the volunteer that she couldn’t, she responded, “Well, you must. ” She told her that she doesn’t and it’s not happening.

Sharon threw in, “I informed her I use to have a tubal pregnancy that lasted four and a half months, and she said, ‘Well, you lived, didn’t you?'”

According to Sharon, the woman apparently refused to accept no for a response and the confrontation only got worse from there.

She claimed she would not accept my decision to vote in favor of Proposal 3 as an explanation.

Sharon expressed many times the volunteer should leave and the volunteer claimed to have the right to be there. “No, you don’t; you must leave. You should leave right away. Get off my land,” she continued.

It Was an Accident

Sharon’s spouse reportedly left the barn with his .22 caliber rifle and issued a warning shot into the pine tree as the quarrel grew “louder.”

“She (the advocate) is still yelling and swearing, and she is holding a clipboard. She is gesturing with it. She might use it to strike Sharon, from my view.”

“My finger was still in the trigger guard when the gun went off a second time as I was trying to hit her clipboard away from my wife.” He informed reporters, “It went off and hit her right here.”

I shot a person. He said, “It was a mistake.”

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.


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