Maricopa County Electoral Malfeasance Revealed in Arizona

The majority of Arizona residents live in Maricopa County. It is quite conservative in terms of its municipal governance. In 2020 and 2022, however, Maricopa County made a stunning and unexpected shift to the Democrat Party.

The courts have blocked challenges to the 2020 election. Still, failed candidate for governor Kari Lake is trying to keep contesting her loss. She just dropped some significant claims concerning issues with the voting machines and some strange signature analysis.

The data presented here suggests a systematic undercounting of Republican ballots and an overcounting of Democratic votes, which might swing the election in the Democrats’ favor if the court accepts the evidence.

According to the 2020 census, Maricopa County was home to 4,420,568 people, making it the fourth most populated county in the United States and home to more than 60% of Arizona’s total population.

This county has a long tradition of conservatism. As far back as Eisenhower’s first run in 1952, every Republican presidential contender in the county’s history up through 2020.

Surprising and Suspicious

In 2022, Republican voters made up 34.3% of the registered electorate in Maricopa County, while Democrats made up 30.4%. Libertarians made up 0.9% and Other/Independent voters made up 34.5%.

In addition, if county elections are any indication, Republicans are the ones who really show up. Four of Maricopa County’s five superintendents have been Republicans since at least the year 2000.

Surprisingly, in 2020, this reliably Republican county chose Joe Biden over Donald Trump despite his recent radicalization.

When compared to the overall preference of voters for Republican candidates in the same election, this seemed a little unusual. Claims of electoral malpractice, however, went nowhere since judges were unreceptive to allegations of cheating and any recount.

In 2022, the county’s Republican majority voted for Democrat Katie Hobbs over Republican Kari Lake for governor.

Lake filed a lawsuit claiming the election outcome in Maricopa decided the election in her favor. In a state where Lake purportedly lost by only 17,000 votes, the outcome in Maricopa is crucial.

The Review

An evaluation of the framework log files from the voting machines in Maricopa on voting day, which the county eventually returned in rebuttal to a FOIA demand, discovered that nearly a quarter of a million ballots may have been imprecise.

That’s according to testimony given before the Arizona Senate Elections Committee by Shelby Bush, Chair of We the People AZ Alliance PC and Deputy Chair of the Maricopa County Republican Committee.

In addition, testimony indicated that 10% of absentee ballot signatures were mismatched, indicating a serious risk for questionable mail-in ballots. The votes were counted regardless of the situation.

When taken as a whole, the evidence may point to a voting system that could have improperly disregarded votes cast in person, while giving too much weight to those sent by mail.