Marjorie Greene Reacts to Husband Filing For Divorce

Many Americans are familiar with Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Greene makes headlines for speaking out about issues she deems as most important in this country.

The congresswoman’s strongest appeal also tends to be with populist conservatives who feel disaffected by the political establishment or otherwise left behind.

Greene is a fierce Trump supporter and has put forward several articles to impeach Biden. The congresswoman likewise tends to take heat from leftists who are deeply opposed to her policies and her service on Capitol Hill.

However, this go-around, Greene is making headlines for a reason other than her politics. This time, it has to do with her husband, Perry Greene, moving to divorce her, per The Hill.

A Full Review of Greene’s Divorce

When Perry Greene went to Floyd County Superior Court to divorce his wife, he cited an “irretrievably” fractured marriage as his reason why.

The soon-to-be ex-husband of the GOP lawmaker also wants the proceedings of the divorce to remain secured from the public eye.

This is, by his own admission, due to privacy interests of himself and Greene being more important than public curiosity into how the divorce will play out.

As this divorce case plays out, Perry Greene informed the court that sensitive financial and personal records will come out, something that he doesn’t want the general public to be privy to.

According to Greene, he and the congresswoman have separated already. He’s also asking the court to evenly split their debts and assets.

A Public Statement From Marjorie Greene

As news of the divorce broke, Greene released a statement of her own to the public.

According to the congresswoman, marriage is something she still treasures and believes in. Greene pointed out that for the 27 years she and her husband were married, they created a family that led to three children.

From here, Greene stated she’ll always be thankful to be a mother and stressed that society is upheld by mothers and fathers having kids.

Later, the Georgia lawmaker requested the public to respect her privacy as she and her husband work out this divorce.

In a statement of his own, Perry Greene also claimed he and his wife are currently heading in dissimilar directions. Though he did claim they are the best of friends.

Naturally, news of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s divorce went viral with people weighing in with their own views and feedback regarding this development.

Are you surprised to learn that Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is currently going through a divorce? Do you believe this will negatively impact her campaign as she runs for another term in the House of Representatives?

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This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.