Massive Numbers of Russian Soldiers Refuse to Fight in Putin’s War in Ukraine

(Social media footage snapshot shows Ukrainian rocket artillery in action.)

Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine is running into more and more trouble, in spite of Russia’s military potential on paper.

A growing number of his soldiers are reportedly refusing to go to the frontlines and fight Ukrainians because of Moscow’s staggering death toll.

‘Best Counter-Offensive in Modern History’

Putin’s latest war troubles have come after, over the weekend, plucky little Ukraine pulled off a giant feat by deluding Moscow about the location of its long-anticipated counter-offensive.

The attack took the Russians by surprise. They sent their most capable troops to the south, allowing Ukrainians to liberate 2,300 square miles of their territory and more than 150,000 people, while causing the Putin formations to flee for their lives.

One British analyst, Justin Bronk from the UK Royal Services Institute, penned an article for The Daily Mail. He called the Ukrainian move one of the “greatest” military counter-offensives in modern history.

(Social media footage snapshot shows Ukrainian artillery in action.)

‘Categorically Refusing’ to Fight in Ukraine

A new report by the General Staff of the Ukrainian military (whose intelligence information has usually been highly accurate so far) says Moscow practically stopped sending reinforcements to the battlefields along the 800-to-900-mile-long frontline in Ukraine.

Russian volunteer units are now “categorically refusing” to be sent to fight, even after signing contracts with the Russian army.

According to Ukrainians, the Russian fighters have been swayed by the “huge death toll,” the bad “treatment” of Russia’s wounded, and “distrust” of Putin’s higher command.

In the meantime, Ukrainian forces keep gaining ground in the east, southeast, and south. Some Russian units have been surrendering “en masse,” The Daily Mail reported.

Oleksiy Arestovych, an adviser to the office of Ukraine’s heroic President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, informed in a YouTube video that the Ukrainian military captured so many Russian POWs that it has nowhere to house them.

The report said newly signed Russian soldiers’ impression of the war is worsened by them becoming aware of how wounded troops are being treated in Russian military hospitals.

Diagnoses get “deliberately simplified.” The wounded are given no rehabilitation time so they can be sent back to the combat zones as soon as possible.

There are reports that Russian troops in the southern Kherson region, the site of the advertised Ukrainian counter-offensive, are trying to negotiate their surrender.

In another revelation by Zelenskyy’s advisor Oleksiy Arestovych, firearm fights have been breaking out between regular Russian troops and Russian national guard units made up of Muslim Chechen fighters.

Chechens are presently being used as troops behind the frontlines, shooting dead potential deserters.

This isn’t the first time such clashes have erupted. In one of them, a Chechen unit was “defeated” by regular Russian troops made up of ethnic Buryats from Siberia.

In another case earlier this year, there was a shootout between operatives of the two largest Russian intelligence agencies – the FSD and the GRU. They were fighting for war spoils, such as the theft of Ukrainian grain for exports.


This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.