Mayor Lightfoot Escorted By Huge Police Force, Blames Trump For Her Vulnerability

Lori Lightfoot, a Democrat who suggested slashing the Chicago Police Department’s budget by $80 million in 2020, has a private police unit of 71 officers to defend her.

The Chicago mayor attributed her personal need for security to erstwhile President Trump.

Lightfoot stated to the Chicago Sun-Times, “When the American president uses the world’s biggest megaphone and channel to target you personally, awful things happen. Undeniably nasty and deadly people were pointed directly at my doorstep.”

The Absurdity of It All

Lightfoot has a different personal protection detail, which involves around 20 cops, according to records.

The unit’s goal will be to offer physical protection for City Hall, the mayor’s house, and the mayor’s detail command post. By coordinating intelligence and resources, the cops will react to all threats to the mayor’s physical assets.

It was a problem for people who live in Humboldt Park and Logan Square because the Shakespeare district, which includes their neighborhoods, had too many police officers.

“While homicides are skyrocketing and districts are barebones in manpower, all that counts is guarding her castle,” said Chicago FOP President John Catanzar.

Lightfoot proposed “refunding the police” after Officer Ella French was killed in August.

Lightfoot revealed a $16.7 billion spending proposal Monday, increasing the Chicago Police Department’s yearly budget to $1.9 billion from $1.7 billion in 2021.

The plan depended on federal funds to help the city overcome a deficit that grew during Lightfoot’s tenure.

The Sun-Times reported in January, “as 2021 concluded, the city’s murder count jumped 3% over 2020, according to CPD records, about two-thirds more than in 2019.”

In February 2021, Lightfoot blamed Trump for the difficulty of sending children to classrooms, stating, “This is a challenging situation; we’re still in it, due to the stupidity of the previous administration.”

Trump’s Statement

In June 2020, Trump attacked Lightfoot in a letter after the Chicago Sun-Times reported on the rising number of individuals shot and murdered in Chicago.

“[T]he lack of leadership on this crucial subject continues to disappoint the people you swore to defend. I am worried it demonstrates your lack of devotion to the victims of crime and your disrespect for law enforcement officers.”

Then, Trump stated, “Every year, American taxpayers give millions of dollars to Chicago to maintain public safety.”

“The Urban Area Security Initiative Grant Program awarded Chicago $136 million in 2018 and 2019; another $68 million was recently announced. This includes tools to prevent opioid misuse and reduce recidivism.”

“Workforce development initiatives in Chicago have also received financing from the Department of Labor.”

“To support your frontline first responders, my administration provided $898.6 million from the Coronavirus Relief Fund. The failure to lead caused a waste of tax dollars and a decline in your most vulnerable communities.”

“Unfortunately, you continue to prioritize your political objectives over the lives, safety, and financial well-being of your residents,” Trump said in his conclusion. “Chicago deserves more.”