Media Outlets Are Accusing the White House of Discrimination

Multiple media outlets are complaining about the discriminatory behavior of the White House in favoring certain news outlets while denouncing others.

Reportedly, Politico reporter Alex Thompson had breaking news of the high-profile departure of White House communications director Kate Bedingfield. Still, the White House asked him to give them some time to check the facts.

Just 18 minutes later, the White House sent the story to the Wall Street Journal to break.

White House Known for Controlling Narratives

After he was denied the high-intensity breaking news, Thompson tweeted the whole incident and explained how he was tricked by the White House.

He also warned the White House staffer of only “two minutes long deadlines” next time to fact-check any news story.

When Thompson decried foul play after the event, other journalists backed him in bashing the White House. Tyler Pager, a Washington Post White House reporter, tweeted, “this looks so familiar.”

Likewise, Politico national security reporter Alex Ward noted the “White House does this” all the time. Similarly, CNN White House correspondent Kate Bennet called the episode “bad form.”

Thompson’s fellow Politico White House reporter Max Tani criticized the communications team of the White House for denying Politico breaking news.

Tani noted this blatant interference in controlling the narratives is not the job of the communication team of the top office.

Experts suggest the White House is recalibrating its media-handling approach after Biden’s concerns that the media is not helping him in promoting his message.

This behavior of the White House is increasing distance between traditionally liberal news networks and the president ahead of the critical midterm races, which could send many Democrats packing.

White House Hypocrisy Continues

Critics are also questioning Biden’s ambitions in dealing with the media networks and tying it with his inability to run the country.

A conservative network, the Washington Examiner, asked liberal networks: why would you ever trust a president who is so deceitful that he deliberately denies breaking news to some news outlets?

One of the reasons for this hypocrisy of the president towards Politico is the assertive stance of the media network in denouncing the administration’s authoritative policies, the Washington Examiner suggested.

This controversial, discriminatory behavior of the White House came just days after 73 journalists wrote a letter to the White House press secretary, demanding fair and equal treatment for all journalists.

They noted only some chosen ones are allowed to cover mysterious White House briefings, while others are denied. This occurs under a secret formula, which is yet to be revealed by the White House.

Bedingfield becomes the latest member of Biden’s press team to leave her position, as the messaging team of the top office is navigating troubled waters.

She remained the core member of Biden’s team who supposedly helped him in crafting the messaging strategy for the presidential campaign.