Mental Health Declining Nationwide Amid Persistent Inflation Pressures

In the United States, a rise in violence is happening at disturbing levels. There are more people committing mass shootings, attacking different people, and otherwise lashing out in destructive ways.

Many people are now questioning where the root of all this aggression lies and what can be done to fix it. Ultimately, there’s no easier answer.

Mental health issues in America are pervasive and they remain an underlying factor in many societal ills. Until this is addressed, horrible things are going to continue to occur, one way or another.

Now, it’s come out that mental health nationwide is being negatively affected by inflation, per The Hill.

A Closer Look at Mental Health and Inflation

The LifeWorks Mental Health Index determined that individuals who aren’t able to meet their needs amid inflation are scoring 16 points below America’s average level.

It’s also been revealed that on average, homeowners have higher mental health scores than renters in the country.

LifeWorks ultimately confirms that inflation is making it harder for Americans to afford food; it’s also played a role in people having to roll back their spending levels.

On top of this, financial stress, in general, has adverse impacts on affected individuals, according to LifeWorks.

In a nutshell, people who were already struggling financially have seen things get much worse since the rise of inflation.

What’s truly harrowing about this new data is that inflation isn’t going away anytime soon. As a matter of fact, officials predict that high food costs could last for as long as three years on end.

Biden’s Narrative Falls Apart

The White House wants Americans to view the sole driver of inflation as the war in Ukraine. However, even the Federal Reserve is now contradicting this assertion.

Fed chairman Jerome Powell confirmed not too long ago that even ahead of Russia’s attacks against Ukraine, American inflation was already high.

As the Biden administration looks to pass the buck on inflation, it won’t do anything to bring down spending.

In fact, just earlier this week, the president was demanding for Congress to approve even more spending for COVID vaccine distribution to kids and infants.

Like the Federal Reserve, mainstream media outlets have begun to admit that inflation was an issue in the United States well before any war broke out between Ukraine and Russia.

As long as the White House continues to look the other way and justify its policies that created inflation, mental health in this country will continue to suffer and devolve.

Are you concerned about the mental health crisis in this nation? Do you believe inflation is going to improve anytime soon? Please be sure to share your thoughts about both mental health and inflation below in the comments area.


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