Mexican Cartels and Chinese Communist Party Linked to US Drug Epidemic, Report Finds

The connections between the Mexican cartels and the Chinese Communist Party have been revealed in a recent investigation by Ben Bergquam of Real America’s Voice.

There have been 339,849 drug overdose deaths in the United States since 2018. The numbers are startling and alarming, with those under 50 making up most of those killed.

Year on Year

Deaths from drug overdoses have been tracked by the CDC since 2018, at which point the data is publicly available.

Death tolls in that year were 67,367, with subsequent years seeing 72,151 and 93,331 losses of life. There was a shocking 107,000 deaths in 2021 due to drug overdoses, which is nearly twice as many as those the Vietnam War murdered.

Drugs made in China and transported into the U.S. by Mexican cartels are responsible for the deaths of 294 people every day in the United States.

Some have pointed out that in 1983, Americans were outraged by the deaths of about 220 Marines in a terrorist bombing in Beirut, Lebanon. Where is the outcry now that this has happened?

Deadly drug usage issue in the United States is being fueled by the failure to hold China accountable for its creation of synthetic opioids.

It is practically hard to build a complete list of synthetic pharmaceuticals, commonly known as “legal highs,” due to the rapid evolution of their chemical composition. People who abuse these substances don’t have to worry about the law.


The connections between narcotics and the Chinese Communist Party have been uncovered and exposed by Ben Bergquam and his team at Real America’s Voice.

Reuters has recently covered the rise in Chinese immigration to the United States, but they haven’t looked into why so many people leave China for America.

Due to economic concerns, many Chinese citizens are illegally crossing the border. Though the mainstream media largely ignore these concerns, they must be addressed if those liable for the loss of American lives are to be held accountable.

We need to recognize the gravity of the situation and actively seek answers. Deaths from drug overdoses can be reduced if those responsible for their production and distribution are brought to justice.

We need to support those in need while keeping our borders secure; therefore, we must address the problem of economic migration.