Mexico Welcomes Influx of Ukrainians Seeking Asylum in the US

Thousands of Ukrainian migrants have been leaving war-torn Ukraine and trying to get to the United States through Mexico.

Mexican officials have turned a sports complex near the border into a shelter to help them get there.

Reports of the Influx and Accommodation

According to Mexican police, over 1,700 Ukrainian migrants have converged on Tijuana, Mexico, in recent weeks and in hopes of claiming asylum and entering the United States.

According to Mexican officials on Monday, the temporary facility less than a two-mile walk from the San Ysidro Port of Entry was shifted to accommodate hundreds of Ukrainian asylum seekers needing lodging.

According to reports, Enrique Lucero, Tijuana’s head of migration affairs, stated on Monday that migrants would continue to arrive.

Lucero reported that 400 Ukrainians, 30 percent of whom were minors, came to Tijuana on Saturday and Sunday after accessing the nation through the airports in Cancun and Mexico City, according to reports.

Tijuana is home to three entry points that connect Mexico to the state of California.

Prior to this, the sports facility was used to shelter migrants from Central American caravans who had arrived in Tijuana via the border crossing.

It can accommodate around 500 people and is equipped with showers, restrooms, and internet access.

According to Lucero, around 3,000 migrants from other countries are presently being housed at Tijuana’s 25 other shelters while they await the expiration of Title 42 on May 23.

Under the regulation, it is permissible for border officials to turn away immigrants in order to prevent congestion and the spread of illness at border crossing locations.

According to Lucero, it is estimated between 300 and 400 Ukrainians are processed at the border each day by United States immigration personnel.

Mass Migration Since Last Year

For months before Russia’s attack on Ukraine, thousands of people from both countries fled to Mexico with the aim of crossing into the United States, the vast majority of whom had just tourist visas.

Per the Wall Street Journal, which cites Mexican immigration officials, at least 30,000 Russians and 10,000 Ukrainians landed in Mexico at the start of the year, an increase from the previous year’s averages for the two countries.

At the time, authorities felt the great majority of new immigrants, who claimed to be in Mexico on vacation, were attempting to make their way to the United States.

The Biden administration stated it will accept at least 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, with preference given to those who have family members already living in the nation.

A senior administration official stated the figure would be counted against the 125,000-person refugee maximum for the fiscal year 2022, but stressed the commitment of 100,000 individuals is not time-limited and might go beyond the fiscal year.

The United Nations reported on Saturday more than four million Ukrainians fled the nation since Russia invaded Ukraine in March.