Microsoft Mogul Bill Gates Seeing Mark Hurd’s Widowed Wife

Almost two years after his now-ex-wife Melinda left him for a variety of reasons, Bill Gates, the tech magnate and computer nerd, seems to have finally found love again; this time, with 60-year-old Paula Hurd.

Hurd was widowed back in 2019 when her husband Mark lost his long battle with cancer. While they’re only dating now, Bill and Paula were commonly seen playing tennis years before.

Bill Gates seen dating again, two years after his divorce

As it turns out, the pair have been together for over a year at this point. Although Paula tends to come off as mysterious, there’s no hiding that the two are romantically involved.

Even though she was originally a tech CEO, just like Gates, Paula turned to a life of philanthropism and being an event organizer.

At the time of his death, Mark Hurd’s net worth was estimated to be around $500 million, leaving his wife with a hefty sum to work with.

It’s no surprise that the paths of Bill and Paula have crossed, especially considering their popularity in Silicon Valley; they were seen attending the same events as early as 2015.

Despite being seen in the audience of several tennis matches in the past, Bill and Paula are now watching them side by side. They recently took a trip to Sydney, Australia, where Gates would meet with the country’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

At the time, the press managed to take photos of Bill with his mystery date, but they failed to identify it was Paula Hurd.

A common ground for charitable donations

Many are speculating that the couple found a common love for tennis and it worked up from there on out.

In fact, the press went through pictures of Gates attending previous tennis events and found they were both at several other matches; albeit a couple of rows apart.

Paula was originally an executive at NCR back in the 90s when she married her late husband, who’d spent 25 years climbing through the company’s ranks.

Currently, Paula has two children from her past marriage, meaning if Bill continues this relationship, he’ll surely have his work cut out for him.

Some could argue the two also share a passion for charitable donations, as both Bill and Paula have made a name for themselves through their philanthropic acts.

In fact, Paula and Mark helped kick off Baylor Uninversity’s $1.1 billion philanthropic campaign with their donation, ultimately helping fund its $60 million welcome center named after the generous couple.

However, Gates has a lot of baggage from his marriage with Melinda; the couple will have to work through a lot if they’re planning to last.

Melinda revealed Bill’s affair with a company employee back in 2000 was what started tearing at their relationship, causing her to lose trust entirely at one point.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.