MIDDLE FINGER: Biden White House Says NO CHRISTMAS for Conservatives

Media members are dramatizing White House Christmas party invites. Joe Biden, who purports to value a free press and a democratic republic, is just as spiteful as any previous White House in his invitation-giving.

Any White House invite is essential, but a Christmas event invitation is considerably bigger, particularly for national press members. Since the Obama administration, leftist White Houses have ignored conservative press, while conservative White Houses have ignored liberal media. This is a liberal White House, so guess who won’t be there for eggnog and pictures?

White House Snubs Right-Leaning Journalists

TV events are on Dec. 8 and Dec. 13 for the press. The New York Post wasn’t invited, which isn’t surprising because they published the Hunter Biden computer story. The Post got a last-minute invitation for their Christmas party story on Monday.

Coal For Conservatives

Salon, Newsmax, as well as the Washington Examiner journalists all missed. CBS and Fox producers and engineers reportedly weren’t invited. The CBS snub was supposed to be addressed, but they were left off the TV press party. Some criticize Biden’s delisting of the press.

One experienced White House journalist told The Post, “How many instances of petty blackballing does this White House have to perpetrate against authorized members of the mainstream press before an agreement arises that President Biden is neither a supporter of a freedom of press nor a man of moral integrity?”

Another senior White House journalist said his publication had been invited to Christmas parties since the George W. Bush presidency and that the snubs should be understood in a larger perspective following persistent press access concerns under Biden.

‘It’s About Democracy’

“Civility isn’t enough. The reporter continued, “It’s also about democracy.”

Biden says a free press is the backbone of democracy and that we must hold governments responsible. The seasoned reporter argued it only applies to foreign nations.

The correspondent said, “This guest list shows how the White House is punishing journalists for doing their jobs as the president says he supports, and that’s terrible.”

Another reporter observed, “Petty political holiday invites show weakness, not power… This White House has seemingly lost respect for openness and a free press.”

Jill In Charge?

Biden is press-protected. His team offers him a list of reporters for (rare) news conferences. He avoids conservative media. Some news sources with Democratic-friendly opinion sections weren’t invited, The Post said.

Most slights went to conservative-leaning sites. Unity’s reign continues. Sleepy Joe probably doesn’t know who’s invited to the White House. Jill is in control, and she hates the GOP. Joe may snap photographs with guests for a while, as Obama did.

Monday’s Holiday Ball for Congress, their spouses, and their joint chiefs started the party season. The Biden White House maintains a “no replacements” provision, so if someone’s partner or spouse can’t go, they can’t bring someone else. Even for Jill Biden, that’s strange.

Jeanne Shaheen & Maggie Hassan boycotted the White House Congressional banquet on Monday to protest Biden changing the primary season. Biden wants the DNC to make South Carolina the first state in the 2020 primary season. Biden wants to run again. New Hampshire defends its first-place status.

The White House is operating normally. Biden vowed to be truthful and uniting. A politician with over 50 years in D.C. is a swamp rat. To pretend differently was silly. He believes everyone else is naive and foolish.