Mike Pompeo Stands By Trump – “History Will Remember Us Very Well”

"Mike Pompeo" by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo had a message for Trump officials who decided to walk away from the administration after the Wednesday 6 events.

“I am proud of what we’ve accomplished — not just in the national security, foreign policy space, which I’ve worked with, but the things that we’ve done with families, the pro-life work that we have done. These are things that will truly be historic. I think history will remember us very well for these things when the books are written,”

Pompeo made these remarks after a day in meetings with the Republican Study Committee, “the largest conservative caucus within the House chaired by Rep. Jim Banks”
Breitbart reported

Breitbart said “Pompeo said what happened was tragic but that those walking away from the president were” “not listening to the American people.”

“While I think we all think the violence that took place in the place where you all work in the Capitol was tragic, I’ve watched people walk away from this president already. And they are not listening to the American people. Not remotely,”

Pompeo contrasted Trumps administration to that of Obama

“We watched eight years of the foreign policy of the previous administration that was fantasy. Fantasy. They would enter into agreements and arrangements that weren’t based on anything with the potential to be lasting, and if America First in foreign policy means anything, it means being realistic.”

“It means this deep recognition that our sole responsibility is to protect the American people. When we do that, I am very confident we will increase security for people all around the world, we will raise others up as well. But our mission set, everyday, is to say, ‘How do we make sure that everything we do secures freedom for America?’ and it’s gotten us to walk away from a whole bunch of things. We’ve walked away from the World Health Organization. We walked away from the UN Human Rights Commission. We walked away from some of the central understandings of the World Trade Organization.”

“Each of these things was detrimental to the American people, their prosperity, their security. We were right to do that. It’s a sensibility that I think 75 million people still understand and understood in November of this year. They haven’t stopped understanding, I promise you that.”