Military’s Woke Curriculum Fully Exposed

By now, we’re all aware of the serious problems with the far left in this country. This includes their social justice obsession and “woke” ideology.

Woke ideology is basically an anti-American belief system spread by Marxist professors in the 1960s and now infecting many of our younger folks.

It basically says our country is bad, white people are the cause of injustice; capitalism and the family are negative and destructive forces.

Talking about these things in college ivory towers is one thing, but we’ve all been horrified to see these ideologies also finding their way into our military.

Now, the true extent of how far they’ve spread into our military has been revealed in a new shock investigation.

Welcome to West Point Military Academy

West Point Military Academy is one of the top institutions of our military.

It was rocked by the overdoses of a number of students a few months ago and also several years ago by the exposure of a self-declared communist called Spenser Rapone.

Rapone served in the Army Rangers in Afghanistan. He then attended West Point, graduating from there, but showing off his support of communism openly by writing on his uniform and wearing a communist t-shirt.

He was given an other-than honorable discharge, but some of the questions surrounding what students are learning at West Point have remained. It turns out Rapone is far from the problem; the core curriculum is much more to blame.

A report from Judicial Watch using FOIA has uncovered the curriculum being full of critical race theory and woke propaganda at West Point.

What Did the Investigation Reveal?

An analysis of more than 500 pages released from FOIA shows West Point teaches about CRT and how to deal with “whiteness.”

The materials claim if you don’t care about topics like what “whiteness” means and how it impacts the world, then you are morally covering for slavery and have “race privilege.”

It also has materials on being “queer.” West Point claims blacks are discriminated against widely and systematically in the United States and get treated unfairly at their jobs and medically.

The Garbage Has to Stop

Whatever activist lobbyist managed to sneak all this garbage into the West Point curriculum, it’s got to stop. This kind of nonsense is what’s causing our country to become so weak.

if it were true that we’re so racist, evil, and imperialist, then why should we have a military at all? Will the White House be taking down the flag next?

The entire purpose of having a nation is to defend it and stand up for its values. If you spend your whole time deconstructing its past problems and injustices, you end up completely unprepared for present challenges and reality.


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