Morbidly Obese TikTok Star Prevented From Riding Horseback

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After a small business refused service to a morbidly obese TikTok celebrity, she took her frustration to social media platforms.

She also claimed the business in question, Deep Hollow Ranch, to be run by “fatphobic” individuals.

Apparently, Remi Bader wasn’t allowed to ride horseback on the ranch’s premises, as her 240+ pounds were too much for the horses to handle.

While the idea of a person that big riding a horse is hilarious in and of itself, the animal’s safety took priority this time.

“Horseback ride” by Virginia State Parks

Where’s PETA when you need them?

She claimed she’s ridden horses before and she was never turned down like this, adding the ranch should advertise weight restrictions on their promotional material, instead of “wasting someone’s precious time.”

However, the ranch’s website clearly explains a horse can only carry persons weighing up to 15% of the horse’s own body weight.

That’s not counting the saddle and any additional riding gear that may come into play.

When all’s said and done, this means Bader with her 240 pounds, would require a horse weighing at least 1,600 pounds.

Even then, the animal would be struggling and at risk of injury, which isn’t exactly how you run a successful business.

In fact, most standard horse breeds usually come in at under 1,200 pounds, whereas only draft horses and Clydesdales could match up to the TikToker’s immense weight.

The left remains adamant about coddling the morbidly obese

The ranch includes dozens of photos of riders of many different breeds.

However, none of them are any of the aforementioned larger breeds. More notably, none of the riders are as morbidly obese as Bader was at the time when she was turned down by the ranch.

She did apologize for the hundreds of her followers that bombarded the ranch’s social media with threats and negative reviews, claiming she was just hurt by how she was spoken to by the horse trainers.

Bader even claims she was laughed at by the owner; although there’s no conclusive evidence regarding that. Even if there was, anyone with a bit of common sense can see how absurd her demands were.

Unfortunately, one of the ranch employees fired back on her original post, calling her a “fat b***h” which Bader then used to push her fatphobia narrative, causing significant damage to the ranch’s visitor influx in the upcoming period.

Deep Hollow officials apologized for the employee’s statement, claiming it in no way represents or aligns with their views, assuring the teenager in question will be dealt with accordingly.

This didn’t do much to help their reputation, ¬†though.

Hampton Water Wine, which was planning an event at the ranch, canceled their reservations, adding they will no longer be cooperating with the business in the future.


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