NATO Council Urges Russia to Pull From Ukraine

Ian Haworth of the Daily Wire joined John Bickley and Georgia Howe to examine the emergency NATO conference in Belgium on Thursday.

This was called in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

At the session, Haworth spoke about how the leaders issued a joint declaration, urging Russian President Vladimir Putin to “immediately halt this war and evacuate military forces from Ukraine.”

The Belarusian government was also called to “cease its role.” 

Call For Ceasefire

All participants at the meeting also demanded a ceasefire.

He stressed that Russian forces must provide “quick, secure, and unrestricted humanitarian access, as well as safe transit for civilians,” along with the delivery of humanitarian aid to those in need.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance was poised to approve significant increases in the number of soldiers deployed in Eastern Europe, to the tune of 40,000 additional troops.

According to Haworth, new battle groups will be established in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia, located on NATO’s eastern flank.

NATO has also stated that shortly, it will continue to provide additional cybersecurity and protection against toxic, biological, radioactive, and nuclear threats.

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, who claimed Russia used phosphorous bombs to murder both adults and children, called for NATO to contribute one percent of its planes and one percent of its tanks to Ukraine’s defense.

Sanctions, Sanctions, Sanctions

Again on Thursday, the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution calling for a ceasefire agreement in Ukraine and blaming Russia for the humanitarian disaster.

Belarus, Syria, North Korea, and Russia were among the countries that voted against the resolution. China chose to abstain.

The United States approved the admission of 100,000 Ukrainian refugees and the punishment of more than 300 individuals from the Russian government, along with 40 Russian defense businesses, among other measures.

A journalist asked Biden on Thursday why his penalties failed to discourage Russian President Vladimir Putin from attacking Ukraine.

Biden responded that “sanctions never deter,” adding he never promised sanctions would deter Putin.

In a statement issued on February 20, Vice President Kamala Harris stated, “The goal of the penalties has always been and remains to be deterrence.”

A reporter stated, “Sir, deterrence did not work,” and then inquired, “What gives you the confidence that Putin will alter his course, due to your actions this morning?”


“Sanctions are never effective deterrents,” Biden claimed. “That’s something you keep bringing up. Sanctions are never effective.”

“The continuation of sanctions, the ramping up of pain, and the demonstration of why I requested this NATO meeting today is to ensure that after a month, we will be able to sustain what we are doing, not just next month, but for the rest of this year.”

“That is what will put a halt to him,” Biden said.