New Details About Hunter Biden’s Case

According to reports, the federal government’s criminal probe of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, gathers momentum.

As prosecutors seek critical grand jury testimony, new intelligence indicates the president may be connected to his son’s plan.

The DOJ initiated a criminal probe into Hunter Biden in 2018 for alleged money laundering, tax evasion, and violations of foreign lobbying rules, among other things.

The inquiry focused on whether Hunter used his father’s role in the United States government to gain millions of dollars in illegal international business agreements over the previous decade.

Hunter appears to have abused his father’s access to secure meetings and licenses.

The rising issue for investigators and the public is whether President Biden was complicit in, or, at the very least, cognizant of this.

President Biden’s Potential Influence

Indirectly, it looks as though Joe Biden’s status aided his son in securing agreements.

For instance, when Biden was vice president, he accompanied Hunter on an Air Force Two trip to Asia. This included a visit to Shanghai, where Hunter was seeking to build a private equity business. 

Hunter got a widely sought-after Chinese business permit ten days after that visit, allowing him to establish a fund there, something notoriously difficult for American businesses to secure.

Then, in 2014, Hunter notoriously landed a million-dollar-a-year job with a Ukrainian energy business, despite having no prior expertise in the energy field.

Vice President Biden was in control of America’s Ukraine policy.

The president has already denied any involvement in either of those transactions, but new information connects him to several other tales.

For instance, one text conversation certified as legitimate last week showed Hunter in 2019, whining about having to pay his father “half his salary.”

According to Peter Schweizer, author of Red Handed, the ramifications are possibly illegal.

The DOJ is also investigating a 2017 email sent by one of Hunter Biden’s business associates, explaining the planned transfer of shares in the aforesaid Chinese firm, with the subject line, “10 held by H for the big man.”

That email attracted the grand jury’s attention and prompted them to question at least one confidential witness about the identity of “the big man.”

The President’s Reaction

Whereas the president has made every effort to avoid discussing the topic, his administration repeatedly denied he was involved in the alleged plan.

In recent weeks, they have sought to distance themselves more from Hunter Biden.

According to Ron Klain, the president’s chief of staff, the president felt “assured that his son did not violate the law.”

He continued by referring to them as “private concerns” that “do not include the president” and “definitely do not involve anyone at the White House.”

However, according to a new Fox News investigation, Klain already requested money from Hunter Biden.

Klain reportedly wrote to Hunter in 2012, requesting assistance in raising $20,000 for the Vice President’s House Foundation, a nonprofit organization that equips the vice president’s residence.

Klain reportedly stated to Hunter that he desired to “have a low profile” to avoid “poor PR.”