New Study Could Help Lower Depression Rates

In society, mental health matters greatly. It impacts how people are able to move through the world around them and behave. Mental health also impacts how people interact with others around them.

Amid recent mass shootings across the United States, there’s been growing attention directed toward mental health.

Conservatives especially have warned that at least some of the crime upticks being witnessed in society today are aftereffects of declining mental health.

Furthermore, the right has pointed out that COVID lockdowns and restrictions also had adverse impacts on the nationwide mental health of Americans.

Now, a brand new study is providing insight into one habit that can improve individuals’ mental health, per The Hill.

Eating Fruit to Fight Depression?

The United Kingdom’s Aston University has discovered groundbreaking news that could change lives here in America.

A recent study determined that higher levels of fruit consumption correlated with lower depression levels. This was tracked on a weekly basis and also provided insight into some more relevant details.

The more someone consumes food that lacks nutrients, the greater the likelihood of them experiencing “lapses” in their mental wellness or anxiety altogether.

In another interesting twist, Aston University didn’t find any link between higher vegetable consumption and lower depression levels. Ultimately, this study shows that diet plays a greater role in mental health than it’s previously been credited for.

Improving Mental Health Nationwide

As it stands, there are virtually no downsides to improving people’s mental health across the country. Unfortunately, various stresses facing the lives of Americans are contributing to their struggles.

Inflation, alone, is a prime example. It’s becoming increasingly more expensive for people to go to the grocery store to even buy products like fresh fruit and other essentials.

On top of this, many Americans are living in communities where they feel unsafe, with little action from left-wing district attorneys. When people don’t want to leave their homes for fear of being mugged, attacked, or even killed, this certainly doesn’t do mental health any favors.

Ultimately, it’s going to take concerted and consistent efforts to improve the mental health of Americans. These improvements, when they finally occur on a large scale, will have ripple effects.

As things currently stand, remaining up to date on various studies about mental health and ways to improve mental health can only make a positive difference going forward.

Over the course of this year alone, countless Americans have used social media to weigh in on mental health and what they believe is contributing to its widescale downfall.

What do you think about this new study showing that eating fruit tracks with better mental health? In the comments area below, let us know the difference you believe this will make in society.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.