Nikki Haley Takes a Stand Against Biden’s Socialist Agenda

Last week on Thursday, during her appearance on “Your World,” Republican primary candidate Nikki Haley had more than a few things to say about Biden and his balancing of the US budget.

She also added that her achievements from South Carolina more than qualify her for a presidential role. In her speech, Haley labeled Biden as the definitive socialist president, as he’s more than willing to spend ludicrous amounts of money, so long as it’s not his own.

With what Biden’s been doing, we’ve never been closer to socialism

On top of this ridiculous overspending, Biden’s answer to just about any issue in the country is raising taxes. Now that we’ve got over $31 trillion in debt, it may be time to accept this game plan was never sustainable.

Haley explained what financial moves Biden could’ve actually done, instead of digging into yet another pile of taxpayer money. There was $500 billion of unspent COVID-19 money that could’ve been clawed back to aid the economy.

Haley added she would’ve introduced a bunch of reforms, had she been in Biden’s place, including some much-needed changes to the current retirement age requirements. This would have meant adjusting them in a way that makes them match the current average life expectancy.

Finally, the last point of Haley’s plan would be limited benefits to the wealthy minority in the US, expanding the Medicare Advantage plans, and lowering their overall cost.

Entitlement reform shouldn’t imply the loss of benefits for a certain group, but rather, the improvement of sustainability of these programs.

What would Nikki Haley do?

However, Haley did take a couple of stabs at the Republican Party as well, commenting on the $2.2 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package that was passed at the peak of the pandemic, expanding welfare immensely.

What this led to was a major increase in people who are using Medicaid and other assistance programs, like food stamps, which Haley isn’t exactly a fan of. She claims those people should’ve been given work opportunities instead.

While it’s definitely true that welfare programs are a huge bottomless hole in our country’s budget, they’re also a necessary evil of sorts, as they allow certain demographics to still live a somewhat comfortable life.

The interview closed with the GOP candidate heavily criticizing Biden’s handling of the economic crisis we’re currently experiencing, including the constant vanity projects that the administration keeps spending, while a sixth of all Americans can’t pay their utility bills.

It’s hard to say the situation is not dire. It’ll be up to candidates like Haley and maybe even DeSantis to make some much-needed changes that will get this country back on track.

Haley added her work as a former governor would translate into what she’d be doing as president; then, Haley claimed she would be one not to spare either side of the political spectrum from criticism.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.