No Injuries Reported as 70-Car Train Derails in North Dakota with Hazardous Materials On Board

Sunday evening in North Dakota saw the derailment of a train that was transporting dangerous chemicals, according to the local authorities.

Fortunate Occurrence

At approximately 11:15 PM, roughly one-mile southeast of Wyndmere, Richland County, a Canadian Pacific train consisting of 70 cars went off the tracks.

31 of the vehicles derailed and several of them were transporting hazardous chemicals; rescuers discovered a spillage of liquid asphalt after the accident. Luckily, there were no reported injuries and no fires started by the derailment.

The public has been reassured by Canadian Pacific that there is no danger to the general populace’s safety.

The incident site is not near any rivers and evacuations are not essential. Hazardous materials specialists are actively working with first responders to evaluate the scene.

According to the reports, the leaking substances are likely to become gel-like, as a result of the cold weather. They will then solidify.

It is anticipated that the cleanup will take seven to ten days to complete, during which time the nearby roadways 158 and 159 Avenue Southeast will be shut between Highway 13 and 14.

Similar Derailments

A series of train derailments have recently plagued the United States. This one is the most recent. The event took place only a few weeks after a severe derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, which caused families to be evacuated from their homes.

In the early morning hours of Sunday, two cars of a Canadian Pacific train derailed in a neighborhood near Chicago.

To everyone’s great relief, there have been no reports of injuries, nor have there been any concerns raised regarding the possible presence of hazardous substances.

On Thursday morning, an additional five freight train carriages completely derailed in the state of Massachusetts; however again, there were no reports of casualties and the train was not carrying any hazardous commodities at the time.