Non-White and Working Class Americans Are Running Away From the Left

The Democrat Party has long held itself out as the party of the working class and of non-white Americans.

They have now mostly dropped the act about being pro-worker. Democrats just collect union support in return for bulking up union power and disempowering workers and shipping their jobs overseas.

Though the concept of being pro-immigrant and pro-minority still holds a lot of sway. In fact, you could say it’s the main thing the left claims to still own and excel at.

New data shows that fewer and fewer Americans are buying into that claim. In fact, an increasing amount of working class and non-white Americans are running away from the left as fast as they can.

Black and Hispanic Exodus From the Democrats

President Trump had the most black votes since President Reagan; that trend is continuing as black Americans of all classes leave the left. Hispanic voters are also running away from the left’s fake compassion and condescending tokenism.

The recent election of Mayra Flores to Congress in Texas’ 34th district is an ideal example, but there are many, many more. The GOP is increasingly the party of Latinos, black Americans, working-class voters, and people of all skin tones who love this country.

Less and less people want to be allied with the race-obsessed and condescending Democrat Party, including many in the intellectual elite.

One example is Latino American Ruy Teixeira of the Center for American Progress. This place is about as left as you can get and regularly features freaks like John Podesta and others of his ilk.

Well, Teixeira has had enough and is leaving CAP to head over to the American Enterprise Institute. Not everyone at AEI is conservative, of course, but it leans much more right and it doesn’t hate America as CAP does.

Teixeira said his decision to leave is simple: the left is dead wrong about economics and how to improve the country. He’s “running screaming” away from their lies and misinformation. Yes, he actually said that.

Regular Americans Have Had Enough

Regular Americans and elite intellectuals like Teixeira have all quite simply had enough.

They don’t want to be treated as tokens; they don’t want to be used for political and economic agendas that tear up working families, spread division and encourage hate of our own country.

Less and less people of all ethnicities are willing to be paid off to vote Democratic or speak in support of such a corrupt and hate-filled ideology. They just won’t do it anymore.

The polling shows this trend, with 70 percent of Hispanic Americans saying that America is the best country in the world. Overall, only 28 percent of progressives agree with them. That’s a lot of Latino Americans who are on a different page than their liberal compatriots.

Another example? Progressives recently polled 94 percent that racism is a systemic problem first and foremost, while only 36 percent of Hispanic Americans agree.

On other questions as well, the Hispanic American point of view tends to be much more socially conservative and not back the kind of abortion on demand, drugs for everyone mentality that seems to be shared by so many white liberals now aligned with the Democrat Party.

The Bottom Line

Non-white Americans have had enough of the left’s lies. The Democrats will have to find other groups to pander to and pay off.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.