Nuclear Warhead Military Caravan Seen in Europe

A military vehicle transporting up to six nuclear warheads was observed moving through Scotland late last week.

The discovery comes as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to rage. Russian leader Vladimir Putin ordered his nuclear forces to be vigilant after he invaded the country.


According to NukeWatch, the caravan was hauling up to six nuclear warheads only a mile from Glasgow city center. It was also moving to the Royal Naval Armaments Depot Coulport on Loch Long. 

When the nuclear-armed cargo crossed the Erskine Bridge on Saturday, it went up the M6 highway near Kendal. Then, at around 11:30 p.m., it was found on the M74 highway near Lesmahagow and landed in Loch Long.

According to the group, the most likely reason for moving the warheads was to keep them in good working order, not to make them ready for use in war.

According to Tallents, “I don’t think this caravan is any more reason for alarm than the reality we are constantly, 24/7, prepared and ready to launch a nuclear attack.”

“The things many of us have been worrying about continually since the 1960s have now come to pass,” says the source. “Most people have forgotten about them, yet they are still there.”

The conflict in Ukraine is coming close to the one-month mark since Russian soldiers started coming into the country.

The Ukrainian nuclear forces were placed on high alert shortly after Putin launched his invasion of the nation, which took place in February of this year.

Russia’s Readiness for Nuclear War

According to the Associated Press, Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, has issued orders to boost the readiness of Russia’s nuclear weapons, citing “forceful statements” by NATO and “tough financial punitive measures.”

“The incursion of Russia into Ukraine could result in nuclear war, either through design or by mistake.” 

A senior U.S. defense source, requesting anonymity to discuss rapidly evolving military operations, said the Russian president is “possibly putting into play forces that could make things extremely bad.”

Officials from the United States say Putin might use nuclear threats because the fight isn’t going his way. Ukrainian forces are stopping the Russian military from moving in on them.

According to a report by Lieutenant General Scott Berrier, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Russian military manpower and modern weapons arsenal could be depleted, due to the prolonged occupation of parts of Ukrainian territory.

In addition, economic sanctions against Russia will likely cause the country to enter a period of prolonged economic downturn and diplomatic alienation, the report said. 

Russian conventional power is gradually eroding, due to this conflict and its effects. To signal the West and project power to its internal and global audiences, Russia will almost certainly rely more on its nuclear deterrent in the future.