Obama Bullies the Wrong Black Man, Gets Slapped in the Face

Barack Obama was elected after being worshipfully promoted by the mainstream liberal media. They fawned over the fact he would be the first black president and presented him as some kind of genius man of peace.

In reality, Obama ushered in an era of chaos. America’s place on the world stage fell apart; the economy inflated and got ready to pop, due to his heavy spending.

Though as much as the Democrats would like to portray Obama as the greatest hero in history, reality tells a very different story.

It’s a story in which there are plenty of other accomplished black Americans, including many on the conservative side of the aisle.

One of them is Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker, who Obama recently insulted badly. Well, Walker decided he’d had enough…

Walker Hits Back At Obama

During a Friday speech, Obama said Walker is nothing but a celebrity who doesn’t belong anywhere near political power. He compared Walker’s candidacy to going into an airport and wanting Walker to fly a plane because he’s a great runningback who’s famous.

Obama’s point was Walker may be a football icon, but he has no actual political experience or know-how, as compared to his opponent Reverend Raphael Warnock.

Walker decided he wasn’t going to take this kind of treatment and fired back at Obama, saying he was just being an elitist jerk. As Walker said, Obama and Democrats can’t even define what a woman is or whether men can get pregnant.

While the economy has been cratering, Obama has been sitting in his “nice house” and hasn’t been doing jack. Now, he comes out to take a shot at a fellow black man trying to get elected to the US government?

It’s pretty low, even for Obama, but it’s not unexpected. The guy is a loyal worshiper at the Democrat altar of raw power at all costs, even if that means insulting and taking juvenile potshots at a fellow African American.

‘Warrior for God’

Walker said that he’s actually a “warrior for God” reading his Bible, so he has the upper hand in knowing what a man and woman are.

Warnock and Walker are right in a dead heat right now; so this race could go either way. There’s no doubt Georgia is a battleground state that’s very important to both parties and control of the Senate.

Walker has been beset by controversies of women accusing him of pressuring them to get abortions in the past.

Particularly as a pro-life candidate, this is clearly hypocritical if true. Walker denied all such accusations; although his family life struggles and children with numerous women, as well as past issues with mental health, are well known.

At this point, Democrats are scrambling because their tactics to take him down haven’t worked. Now, they think Obama will get the job done, but he just embarrassed himself.

The Bottom Line

Obama’s nothing but a shallow mouthpiece for the Democrat Party. He tried to take a cheap shot at Walker and he got hit right back, as he deserved.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.