Obama Interview Stirs New Talks About Open Borders

The southern border is in a chaotic and horrific state right now. This is the truth of the matter, regardless of how much the Biden administration wants to play patty cake and pretend otherwise.

Data from the Department of Homeland Security additionally confirms that crossings at the southern border are at a higher point than they’ve been in 21 years. Meanwhile, horrific photos of migrants camped underneath a Texas bridge are all over social media.

For all intents and purposes, the southern border is essentially open. It became open when Biden revoked the immigration policies set in place by former President Trump. Then, the border remained open when Vice President Kamala Harris did nothing to fix the crisis, despite being assigned as the point person to do so.

Now, a recent interview with former President Obama is causing some new conversations about open borders in America, as Breitbart News confirms.

Obama on Immigration and Open Borders

While interviewing with ABC News, the 44th president described a situation with open border as “unsustainable.” Obama then proceeded to note that the supposedly “big-hearted” Biden understands the importance of handling the situation at the border in a proper manner.

Shortly thereafter, Obama essentially stated that America is at a crossroads. The former president noted that one option is for the United States to employ a “systemic” means of addressing this issue. Then, Obama declared that the other option entails reactionary responses to a series of crises.

The White House was asked about this interview on Tuesday. White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed that America doesn’t have open borders right now; she then declared that President Biden agrees with his former boss.

Clearly, the response from Psaki left much to be desired. To this very day, the White House continues passing the buck and making excuses. They have no real plan to address the problems at the border and prevent them from happening again.

Attacking Border Patrol

The president doesn’t have a plan to get the southern border under control. However, he’s got no qualms about attacking Border Patrol officials, the very individuals whose jobs have been made harder, thanks to Biden’s mucked up policies.

Biden claims that Border Patrol officials will “pay,” due to images showing these officials on horseback and interacting with migrants. Leftists falsely accused Border Patrol of “whipping” migrants; yet, the so-called whips were actually reins used by individuals on horseback.

This still hasn’t stopped the maniacal president in office from running with false news. Thankfully, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott says that if Biden fires Border Patrol members, he’ll offer them jobs in the Lone Star State.

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