Obama Silently Destroyed Biden’s Presidency

Barack Obama is helping many Democratic candidates in their midterm election campaigns. He has repeatedly slammed Republicans for putting the democratic ethos of the United States at risk.

However, during his election campaign speech in Nevada, Obama unknowingly insulted Biden, as he inadvertently explained democracy is already in danger under the Biden administration.

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Obama Unknowingly Destroyed Biden 

Obama was warning voters they would face extreme consequences if they vote for Republicans, claiming democracy would be in danger under the GOP-led Congress.

According to Obama, non-democratic countries are ruled by governments that do not allow people to read the books they want to read.

However, Obama forgot the Biden administration is already banning conservative books in American schools, while forcing children to read the far-left curriculum.

Far-left administrations of multiple school districts in the United States removed conservative books like the Bible, the Diary of Anne Frank, and Huckleberry Finn.

Meanwhile, left-leaning schools are introducing radical books that promote gender dysphoria and insult the United States’ founding fathers.

Similarly, Obama gave another example of countries where democracy is in danger. He suggested that non-democratic countries arrest citizens who dare to dissent.

The Biden administration is doing the same, however. For instance, the FBI arrested dozens of Americans for conducting peaceful pro-life protests.

Last year, the armed FBI officials raided a 73-year-old citizen, Chester Gallagher, as he was involved in pro-life protests outside an abortion center. Although Gallagher was not at his home at the time of the raid, the FBI pressured his family to know his whereabouts.

Apart from Gallagher, the FBI sued ten other people, including an 87-year-old citizen, for taking part in the same anti-abortion protests.

However, the federal government did not take any action against far-left vandals who destroyed pregnancy centers in the aftermath of the Supreme Court verdict on abortion.

Obama Believes Democracy is in Danger Under the Biden Administration

Furthermore, Obama stated that non-democratic countries censor the media to promote an orchestrated narrative.

Obama forgot that left-leaning state institutions are also suppressing the media. Before the 2020 presidential election, the FBI pressured social media outlets to curb the distribution of Hunter Biden’s laptop story reported by the NYPost.

In addition to that, Obama established elections are of no importance in non-democratic nations because the same people always get elected, due to rampant electoral fraud.

The United States is going through the same dilemma where the Biden administration is directly involved in manipulating midterm election results. Multiple federal agencies are promoting voter registration drives in regions where Democrats are vulnerable to losing their elections.

Not only this, but the Biden administration also undermined the role of independent election watchdogs, which are supposed to monitor the integrity of ballots otherwise.

Meanwhile, Democrats have been promoting measures that make the electoral process of the country controversial.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.