Obama’s Appearance at Michigan Rally Poses Trouble For Him

On Saturday, former President Barack Obama went to Michigan in order to join a campaign rally for Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Whitmer is currently facing a challenge from Republican Tudor Dixon. For a while, Whitmer had quite the lead over Dixon. Yet, recent polls have shown Dixon closing the gap. At this point, the Michigan gubernatorial election could potentially go either way.

However, while Obama was in Michigan to campaign for Whitmer, an issue with a heckler threw the entire event off track. Even the former president struggled to get things under control, as documented by Breitbart News.

Trouble in Michigan

While Obama spoke, a heckler made remarks that were unintelligible. Though whatever they said caused things to quickly get off course.

At one point, the former president tried to address the heckler, but even that didn’t work out so well. Eventually, Obama admonished the man before he was escorted from the premises, saying that standing up and interrupting isn’t how people handle business.

This eventually led to the crowd at Whitmer’s rally becoming rambunctious. For a good two minutes, Obama had to repeatedly call for everyone to settle down before returning to his speech in support of the Michigan governor.

Too Late?

On the Whitmer rally held this weekend, Dixon weighed in with her own thoughts about it.

According to the Michigan Republican, Whitmer bringing Obama out to Michigan is a last-ditch effort to save her political career. Dixon said the current Michigan governor is losing her base because of how she handled COVID with extreme lockdowns and school closures.

Dixon also warned that Whitmer is now trying to gaslight Michiganders by not being truthful about how long businesses, schools, and other places were closed.

As for Obama, he’s been traveling all over the country lately to help Democrats who are in reasonable danger of losing their elections. Before his appearance in Michigan, the former president went to Georgia to stump for Democrats Stacey Abrams and Raphael Warnock.

In the time between now and November 8, Obama will also be making several more appearances across the country, doing whatever he can to persuade Americans to vote for Democrats.

In spite of the former president’s campaign efforts, polling indicates that most people don’t trust Democrats on issues that are deemed as most critical. In many states, early voting has already taken place, meaning some ballots are cast.

For about the past two years (and longer for gubernatorial Democrats), the left had their chance to work for Americans and bring about a better nation. Democrats dropped the ball, hence why so many of them are struggling in their current elections.

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This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.