Oregon Teachers Claim Eye-rolling is Harmful and Rooted in White Supremacy

"Eye Roll" by Jaysin Trevino

A series of BIPOC “educators” at Errol Hassel elementary school in Oregon have banded together to fight against the most unlikely of aggressive acts: eye-rolling.

They’re calling for it to be classified as a microaggression and banned on the school’s premises.

Naturally, if you’ve got the slightest bit of common sense in you, chances are you’ve rolled your eyes the moment you figured out what this was about.

“Eye Roll” by Corey Balazowich

The far left needs to set its priorities straight

In fact, these so-called teachers are going as far as claiming the act is a “harmful practice,“ with the catch being it’s also rooted in white supremacy somehow. Although the group of teachers failed to provide a clear explanation as to how and why.

If you’re not keeping up with the times, BIPOC is an acronym for Black, Indigenous, and peoples of color. This is quite the confusing name, considering that both Black and Indigenous communities fall into the category of people of color as well.

With that out of the way, it’s back to the topic of classifying everyday acts into microaggressions.

The Oregon educators compiled quite the list, ranging anywhere from “aggressive e-mails” to “bothering” the BIPOC staff at the elementary school.

They also pointed out the school’s principal was apparently getting the short end of the stick, constantly being harassed with horrible acts, such as eye-rolling, casual workplace banter, and interruptions during meetings…you get the point.

BIPOC staff claims to have been silenced by coworkers

Aside from the standard over-exaggeration the left is oh so accustomed to, the teachers kept complaining about a number of non-issues on the school’s premises, showing displeasure with white staff members protesting the anti-racism book club.

While equality is definitely a concept that should be commonplace in our educational institutions, shoving divisive propaganda down the throats of young, pliable minds is among the dirtiest moves leftists have come up with in recent times.

Naturally, when anyone brings this up, calling the BIPOC staff out for their divisive practices, they fire back tenfold, doing everything in their power to dub this voice of reason a senseless white supremacist and racist.

When the list of complaints finally came to a close, the BIPOC staff expressed their concerns to their coworkers.

They claimed to have been tokenized, silenced, and even pushed out by some of them, despite it only being some minor backlash they received for mixing politics with education.

After this, they demanded a written confirmation that the school’s principal, also a radical leftist, will not be terminated, as well as an investigation into the aforementioned “biased and racist microaggressions.”

When media outlets reached out to Erroll Hassell Elementary’s administration, they refused to comment on the matter, prompting yet another eye roll from anyone clever enough to see this group for what they actually are.


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